Joonas Villanen encourages to curiosity in the alumni blog

Curiosity didn’t kill the cat – Complacency did is the title of Joonas Villanen's article in our alumni blog.  What does marketing and learning have in common? Read the blog.

15.12.2016 | By: Anne Sankari | Photo: Joonas Villanen

Lukeminen kannattaa aina

Nowadays, we have to be able to serve customers on their terms and not ours. This means learning new ways and new skills.

'Don’t be afraid to admit not knowing all things. Admitting actually empowers you; It gives you the permission to move forward, to pursue the right answer by creating, testing, learning, and adapting', Joonas Villanen writes.

You can learn in many ways, and it's wise to learn new things.  Joonas himself reads, listens, networks, tests, and pitches over his comfort zone.


joonas villanen

Read his article and take a look at the video.

Bachelor of Businessa Administration Joonas Villanen graduated from SAMK (degree programme in Innovative Business Services).

15.12.2016 | By: Anne Sankari | Photo: Joonas Villanen