Instructions related to studying practices for students

Information on SAMK's study practices and support services in an exceptional situation caused by a corona virus.

19.2.2021 | By: Jani Wahlman


Updated February 19 2021. Latest updates in bold

Information about the latest corona virus general instructions on SAMK web site:

Use of face mask is compulsory on all SAMK campuses

Use of a face mask or face shield becomes compulsory for all SAMK campuses for staff and students. Students acquire their own face masks. THL's instructions for using masks and further information can be found here: THL instructions.

According to section 38 of the University of Applied Sciences Act, a staff member has, after consultation with a student, the right to order the removal of a student who has symptoms that are commonly associated with COVID-19 infection or who do not wear an appropriate face mask in a situation where according to the teacher the risk is the lack of a safety gap. If a student has forgotten to bring their own face mask, they can get it from the information point.

Drinking and eating are prohibited in study facilities, such as the library. A mask should be worn on the premises.

Currently, eating your own snacks is allowed on the Pori campus:

  • On floors 1 to 5 in part A, in front of the elevator groups
  • In Part B, in groups of tables outside the door leading to the shop
  • Part C on the second floor in the students living room

SAMK follows a hybrid model, where a part of the teaching is given remotely online, and a part as contact teaching on campuses. The faculties have planned the spring term studies paying attention to safety precautions, and studies will be conducted according to the plan. The aim in the arrangements is that 50 % of students are in contact teaching on campuses. You can enter the campuses only when in good health, when feeling the slightest symptoms of illness – go and get tested, while waiting for the test results – stay at home, maintain good hand hygiene, follow coughing etiquette, keep a safe distance, and wear a mask or a face shield.

The studying timetable tells you whether the teaching is on campus or remotely.

The supervision of theses as well as thesis seminars will also be arranged online. The maturity test will be conducted either in EXAM or through an alternative method that was already used in the spring, e.g. in supervised conditions in HILL. The maturity tests will be arranged with the supervisor of the thesis. You should daily follow the SAMK student e-mail and Moodle as well as Tuudo/Oiva.

Please come to the campus only when you are healthy. Do not take the slightest risk of infecting others in our work and work environment.

If the teacher has set a presence requirement for the course, the requirement remains valid also in online teaching. Teachers will instruct the students on the practices concerning their own courses.

Tuudo should be installed right away to be able to easily follow SAMK news. See “Tuudo” below.


Travelling abroad and entering Finland

All degree and exchange students and staff arriving from abroad (excluding countries to which may be traveled to from Finland according to the government’s instructions) will be directed to a quarantine with length in accordance of THL instructions, in which case they will not be able to enter the campus and all transactions will be handled electronically. Follow the course description for your studies and, if necessary, contact your academic advisor. However, those arriving from abroad are not allowed to come to SAMK's campuses within 14 days of arriving in Finland. Read other quarantine instructions in the main instructions.

Students and staff are asked to continue to consider the risks associated with travelling abroad. Upon return, you may face a quarantine with length in accordance of THL instructions, during which no access to the campuses is possible.

THL's travel instructions can be found here:

About practical training

If you are going on a period of practical training, follow the instructions given by the employer of the training placement. If your practical training is interrupted, ask your employer for a testimonial for the part completed, so that the corresponding number of credits can be entered into the study register.

If your practical training is cancelled, find compensatory studies from SAMK’s study selection and the courses on CampusOnline or from the open university courses offered by other higher education institutions. SAMK’s study selection can best be found under the course descriptions on the study guide (SAMK websites, Shortcuts, Study Guide). Limit the search with a time period (e.g. starting date 1 January 2021 and ending date 31 July 2021) and conduct the search. You can also limit the search by location, group or degree program.


Instructions for students attending simulations and other situations practicing manual skills:

These instructions will be updated following the changes in the coronavirus situation and instructions related to that, as well as specified when propositions or observations for specifications are made.

  • All degree students arriving from abroad will be quarantined in accordance with THL instructions
  • You can attend a simulation only when healthy
  • All close contacts between staff and students are minimized
  • No shaking hands
  • Students practice skills under the guidance/supervision of (one) a teacher during one day, i.e. no circulating from one learning station to another,if possible.
  • The safe distance of 1 to 2 meters is kept, if possible, in classrooms, dressing rooms and bathrooms
  • Remember the good hand hygiene and coughing etiquette

  • Teachers are using face shields/masks and students face masks. The specific instructions on their proper use is given in the beginning of the simulation
  • Hands are washed and disinfected before the simulation, after the simulation as well as after sneezing, coughing or blowing one’s nose. Possible additional instructions are given during the contact sessions.
  • The following issues are revised in the beginning of a simulation (NB It is advisory to revise them independently before attending the simulations):
  • The equipment is used with protective gloves, if possible
  • The equipment is cleaned after the use by using the ApoWipe surface disinfecting wipes or EasyDes surface disinfecting liquid.
  • All patient cases are quarantine cases, i.e. the wearing of the protective equipment is practiced and consequently the protection in close contact guaranteed.
  • When practicing manual skills in close contact (e.g. administering injection or taking blood samples) the students use face masks and teachers face masks/shields for protection


eSAMK Support

eSAMK Support offers intensified assistance to online teaching and studying. We primarily support the use of Moodle, HILL, eduHILL, EXAM and Tuudo.

On-call service for staff and students Mon–Thu 8 am–5:30 pm, Fri 8 am–3 pm; tel. +358 44 710 3149, e-mail:


Moodle is available as normal. e-SAMK Support will assist you as regards any problems with Moodle (tel. +358 44 710 3149, e-mail:



EduHILL is available for students’ group work and has direct communication with your own devices.

You can log in to EduHILL the same way as you do into your e-mail at The instructions for its use can be found at This applies to all students who have a e-mail address.

If you have any questions on the use of EduHILL, contact eSAMK Support, e-mail:, tel. +358 44 710 3149


EXAM examination rooms

  • The most up-to-date information on exam rooms can always be found on the EXAM homepage at
  • The number of computers in the exam rooms have been limited due to the pandemic situation.
  • Opening hours in Pori are Mon-Fri 7 am - 9 pm and Sat 8 am - 6 pm. When the campuses are closed a door code is used. The code can be found on the EXAM front page. You must leave the Pori campus no later than 9 pm and on Saturday at 6 pm.
  • The opening hours in Rauma are Mon-Fri 7 - 21. When campuses are closed, a door code is used. The code can be found on the front page of EXAM. You must leave the Rauma campus no later than 9 pm. On Saturdays, the campus is closed.
  • The Kankaanpää exam room is open normally, but campus doors are closed and a door code is used. The code can be found on the EXAM front page.
  • The Huittinen exam room is normally open, but only Campus door A is open.
  • Exceptionally, examiners must use a mask in the exam aquarium.
  • All exam computers have hand sanitizer next to them.
  • Cancel your exam in the EXAM system if you are unable to attend. This will free up time for those in dire need. The exam can also be canceled on the day of the exam.

Teachers always instruct the exam regarding their own courses.

Exam visits at SAMK are possible in Pori and for our students at those universities that open their exam visit services. An up-to-date list of universities that allow exam visits is available at With regard to exam visits, it is important for the student to check the arrangements due to the pandemic, as well as the situation in the exam room of the visiting university just before the exam visit and their study e-mail in case of last-minute changes.

A student must not come to the exam ill or if he or she feels ill in the slightest degree. The exam reserved for the exam room can also be canceled just before the start of the exam. Hand washing before and after the exam is necessary.

eSAMK support helps with problems in both the EXAM system and the exam aquarium,, tel. +358 44 710 3149



Tuudo is a mobile application for students and staff, where you can find your personal syllabus, course feedback for all courses during the autumn, campus maps, SAMK press releases, student restaurant menus and library services, among other things. The Tuudo application can be downloaded to iOS and Android devices from their respective app stores. You should download Tuudo to your device right at the beginning of the semester to be able to see, for example, SAMK’s releases on the pandemic in SAMK’s news.

Also remember the course feedback, which is activated in Tuudo on the weekday after the end date of the course recorded in the Loki, and you will be notified about it in Tuudo.

eSAMK support will help you with any problems with Tuudo, e-mail:, tel. +358 44 710 3149


Campus libraries

Drinking and eating are prohibited in study facilities, such as the library. A mask should be worn on the premises.

The campus libraries are open as follows:

  • In Rauma and Pori Library, only picking up and borrowing reservations as self-service and returning. Group study rooms are not open. More detailed opening hours:
  • The Kuninkainen library serves online. Borrowed materials can be returned to a return box outside the library. Reservations can be collected as agreed. The library facilities are closed.
  • The art school library serves as a self-service library. Materials cannot be reserved but the library has an automated system for borrowing materials. Borrowed materials can be returned to a return box outside the library.

INFOtelakka serves serves online. Book an appointment by sending an e-mail to

Theseus recordings are made normally, questions can be sent to

If you have any questions, please visit the library’s website or contact the library staff at:

Customer services for continuous learning

Customer service is handled online, by email and by phone.

Contact information

Open studies:

In English:

Completing and specialization studies:

Cross-study services

The contact information for the personnel of the continuous learning studies can be found on the above-mentioned websites and at


Student services

Pori campus student services are available electronically and by phone on weekdays from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. For contact information, see:

Rauma campus student services are working mainly electronically. Customer service time Mon–Fri from 9 am–3 pm (closed 11.30 am – 12:30 am). For more information please contact secretary Päivi Vahtokari, tel. 044 710 3503,

The Art School's campus office can be reached electronically on weekdays from 9 am to 3 pm. Inquiries: Student Services Secretary Päivi Tuuliniemi, tel. +358 44 710 6191,

The Kuninkainen campus office is working mainly electronically. For more information please contact Student Services Secretary Kaija Kalliolevo, tel. +358 44 710 6301, You can also ask for a personal appointment.

Contact information for admission services:

You can apply for a degree certificate as usual through the e-services and answer the AVOP survey at the same time.

Study certificates and official transcripts of study records as well as certificates of resignation are posted to students approximately once a week.

International relations services

The services of the International relations office are conducted by phone and by e-mail, and it is possible to book personal discussion time.

You should follow the continuously updated information bulletin:

Who to contact:

Updated information from the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare:

News from the Finnish Immigration office Service:


ICT services

Instructions concerning ICT services can be found at

Support requests should primarily be made via ServiceDesk (

Phone services are reserved only for urgent situations (Helpdesk: +358 44 710 3080)

If you have not already installed Tuudo, you should do it right away. Tuudo is also used as an information medium between SAMK and students.

The use of a VPN connection should be restricted to teaching that is separately arranged and directed by teachers.

During HILL sessions, it is advisable to save network capacity by turning your camera off, at least after the introductions.

19.2.2021 | By: Jani Wahlman

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