Information for incoming exchange and international degree students

This far Finland has managed to keep the COVID-19 outbreak under control due to good following of the safety instructions. SAMK trusts that each student is responsible for keeping our cities’ pandemic situation as calm as it currently is. Remember to follow the simple instructions about entering the campuses only when completely healthy, keeping the 2 metres distance to others, wearing a mask, and remembering to wash your hands.

11.5.2021 | By: SAMK | Photo: Pixabay


Updated on 24 November 2021:

Travelling to Finland

FINENTRY is a digital service that makes it easier to travel to Finland. Student will get personalized instructions according to their country of departure and COVID-19 vaccinations. They can also book a COVID-19 test appointment free of charge via FINENTRY if required.

We also recommend downloading the contact tracing app Koronavilkku

If quarantine is required

Students need to be prepared to stay in quarantine for 10 days before entering any SAMK campus, if the FINENTRY service suggests it. Arriving earlier also allows students to make within the quarantine regulations all the practical arrangements required for starting their studies.

It is recommended to arrive in Pori/Rauma/Kankaanpää early enough so that you have time to be in quarantine for 10 days prior to the beginning of your studies. Please note, that you are not allowed to participate in the mandatory orientation course nor the teaching while in quarantine. Please note that dormitories may require a negative test result before moving in. Also, be prepared to stay in a hotel/hostel for the duration of the quarantine. More information on accommodation is available here: degree students (, exchange students (

Groceries and restaurants: please note that you are not allowed to do shopping during your quarantine period. You can order groceries to your apartment for example via K-ruoka ( or Foodie ( or take-out food via Wolt ( or Foodora ( A valid debit card (Visa, Mastercard) is sufficient to make the order.

What to do if you suspect COVID-19 infection?

If there is a suspect of possible COVID-19 infection or a person has symptoms of respiratory infection, contact the following:

Kankaanpää (Scroll down for information in English.)



COVID-19 vaccinations

All international students arriving in Finland are strongly recommended to be fully vaccinated already in the country of departure. Obtaining the vaccinations in Finland is not guaranteed for international students.

More information

Travel instructions for each country are updated regularly based on the country’s incidence of coronavirus. You can check them here:

Read also for more information regarding the travel instructions and quarantine on the website of Finnish institute for health and welfare (THL):

This information is subject to change. 

International Office is following the COVID-19 situation and will update the instructions accordingly. Last updated on 24 November 2021.

11.5.2021 | By: SAMK | Photo: Pixabay

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