Image of the month: Lust by Laura Pietiläinen

The abstract, fleshy masses in Laura Pietiläinen’s works describe all churning emotions and leave room for interpretations. The fascinating work of this feature is shown in the first exhibition of SAMK’s new campus in Pori in autumn 2017.

11.10.2017 | By: Anne Sankari

Kiima LauraPietilainen SAMKkuvataide

Laura Pietiläinen: Lust, 156x150cm, oil on canvas, 2017

My works always involve periods of time, because I paint them from a week up to several months. The paintings deal with an unbroken situation and afterwards it’s easy to remember what I have been going through at that time.

During the past year I have moved to more abstract mass and form. The massive forms describe all churning emotions. However, the colours have remained the same during my studies in Kankaanpää and I don’t think they will change very radically in the near future. I like pastel shades. It’s fun to use them, because they give a strange twist to many topics.

I’m sensitive and emotional and it is reflected in my work. However, I am goal-oriented and efficient, when I am painting. I don’t paint all the time, but when I do, I really do it.

My topics include comprehensive experiences with people, the need for love and basic needs in general.

My topics include comprehensive experiences with people, the need for love and basic needs in general. Some ideas come from my dreams. Sometimes I see a finished painting which I start to modify and which then develops into something absurd. All my works leave room for interpretations. Nothing is clear and unambiguous.

I examine myself and express myself. The topics develop in my own head and from my own experiences. I like a soft and refined painting style. I enjoy using colours. They can get mixed and become soft. I like to make large paintings. I could almost say the bigger the better. I decided to give a try to a large painting but I was hooked. Paintings really are my way of doing art and I would like to continue my studies.

Laura Pietiläinen (born. in Suolahti, 1994) is studying her fourth year in the Degree Programme in Fine Arts in Satakunta University of Applied Sciences, in Kankaanpää. 

Contact information:
Laura Pietiläinen, e-mail: laura.pietilainen(a),

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