Finna has a new look and mobile library card

SAMK Library's Finna discovery service has been updated.

29.1.2018 | By: Harri Salminen

SAMK Finna, näytönkaappaus, screenshot

The layout of Finna’s homepage has been updated. In addition to a more modern layout, the website’s accessibility and usability of the search have been improved. The color scheme is now lighter.

The search filters are now more visible, and it’s easier for users to see which filter is in use at any given time. The digital materials available online have been made more visible on the search results page.


MobilePay is now available in Finna among other payment methods. You can pay your library fees using your smartphone and MobilePay app.

Mobile library card

A new feature allows you to use your mobile phone as a library card. How to do this: Go to and log in. Go to Your account. Go to Library cards. You'll find your library card barcode on the screen. Turn the screen to landscape position and zoom if needed. Use your smartphone to borrow at a self check station or service desk.

Mobile library card


Also, National Library of Finland’s discovery service, has been updated. brings the archives and services of libraries and museums together in one place.

Go to SAMK Finna.


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