EXAM system challenges traditional paper exams

A new examination room with the EXAM system will be introduced on SAMK Campus Pori. The main purpose of this room is to increase flexibility in performances.

28.9.2017 | By: Petra O'Rourke | Photo: Petra O'Rourke

Katja Ja Tuomas

– The examination room is a completely new type of system which involves many different things. It is based on an examination system called EXAM and it has camera surveillance and computers with special settings, Katja Lempinen explains. She has been the leader in a project which promotes electric examinations on SAMK campuses in Pori and Rauma and the examination room is her favourite project.

In the EXAM system the student has to go to a specific computer and the use of the Internet is possible on some pages only.

The main reason for the introduction of the examination room is the flexibility it provides for students to take their exams. In addition, it can decrease the number of exams on retake days. As a result, students can use their time more effectively and flexibly. The examination room is open when the campus is open and students can take their exams when it best suits them and the teacher.

– Electric examinations are not new to teachers. Exams on Moodle have been used for a long time but they are different from examinations in the examination room. In the EXAM system the student has to go to a specific computer and the use of the Internet is possible on some pages only. Camera surveillance is used to make sure that the student does not use a mobile phone or other help in the exam, Lempinen says.

At the moment the possibility of taking exams in the examination room depends on the teacher’s familiarity with the system. An inquiry made last spring showed that the students have positive experiences of the examination room. Students can take exams either in Pori or in Rauma as they choose.

The examination room became a true learning environment for Tuomas and he decided to turn his development work into a thesis.

Kiosk machines are the core of the examination room

An examination room was opened in Rauma a year ago. It has been developed on the basis of user experiences and the machines, network and camera surveillance were renewed completely.  The examination room in Pori is based on the experiences and development suggestions from Rauma.

Tuomas Järvenkallas is a bachelor student in the Degree Programme in Business Information Systems. He has been developing the computer systems in the examination room.

– The machines in the examination room are so called kiosk machines with only limited characteristics. The screen shows a specific view and access to the Internet has been limited, Järvenkallas explains. At first he made one kiosk machine, tested it and then made 20 identical kiosk machines for the examination room. The examination room gave him an insight into developing computers for a specific use and he decided to make a Bachelor’s Thesis on this development work. The Thesis will be completed in October; at the same time with the introduction of the examination room on the campus in Pori.

The EXAM consortium is responsible for the maintenance and further development of the EXAM system. At the moment the consortium includes 26 higher education institutions. The aim is to make examination rooms available for all member institutions. In other words, in the future students will be able to take exams in any examination room of the 26 institutions.


The examination room is located in B110 next to the door to the library from Satakunnankatu on the campus in Pori. It will be open for the public at 10-15 on 12 Oct. The examination room in Pori can be used from week 44 onwards. The examination room in Rauma is already in use.

Additional information of the examination room: Katja Lempinen, p. 044 710 3323

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