Enabling Life Technologies course pilots various digital tools

HYPE, a barrier-breaking serious games education -project coordinated by Satakunta University of Applied Sciences develops experimental education with practical student projects and close collaboration with working-life partners and other education organizations. Involved in this serious games education are various levels of education, different fields of businessess, different nationalities, collaboration with business life plus online education. This spring began with a multidisciplinary development course called Enabling Life Technologies.

15.2.2018 | By: Inna Saarinen, Sari Merilampi, Tytti Reinikka-Wasen | Photo: Markus Heinonen

Welfare Technology Markus Heinonen

The Kuori Case presentation was kept by Markus Backman. The challenge looks for a solution to activate the aged utilizing group work and gaming with a huge
Yeti tablet as a platform.

Enabling Life Technologies course is implemented in co-operation with various levels of education. SAMK’s students in welfare technology master program, bachelor students from different study programs, exchange students, Tampere University of Technology (TUT) M.Sc students and French exchange IT students as well as practical nursing students from Sataedu are attending the course. Also the teachers are experts in different areas: D.Sc (Tech) Sari Merilampi (SAMK), Dr Ed. Andrew Sirkka (SAMK), Physiotherapy lecturer Sirpa Jaakkola-Hesso (SAMK), professor (signal processing) Tarmo Lipping (TTY) and occupational therapists Krista Toivonen (Sataedu) are coaching the students. Although the course is organized together, each students gets the grade from one’s own organization. The multidisciplinary student project is the most essential part of the course and the main learning outcome the know-how in multidisciplinary development activities.

Everyone benefits

The course organizer’s own motivation is to break the traditional sector boarders to innovate something new.

-We want to be aware of the current and future trends and develop the state-of-the-art solutions and make sure that our students are also active innovators as future professionals. Changing the attitudes, that’s what it is all about, says a teacher of the course, SAMK’s Researching Principal Lecturer Sari Merilampi.

The student project are real-life, genuine assignments of four different co-operation companies. These include Dyme Solution, Evantia (Sisukkaat), Junet and KuoriYetitablets, whose challenges multisectoral student teams take up.  The second level students give the groups especially practical skills and customer knowledge. The third level students act as developers. The companies are offered a unique chance to get a wide range of expertise at once.

Online teaching

Digital teaching methods and education technology used more widely in the Master’s Degree in Welfare Technology are constantly used in the course to bring versatility and flexibility for the studies performing distant studies. And we haven’t managed without incidents, says Sari Merilampi.

Enabling Life Technologies course has been planned partly with R&D&I collaboration, as a part of a national European Social Fund (ESF) project.  HYPE -barrier-breaking serious games education -project started in the beginning of last year. The project concentrates especially on developing education of multidisciplinary need-based welfare games. The project transfers welfare technology research groups findings and experience directly to the use of the students and business life. In addition, collaboration with companies has typically brought about new contents to research projects as well as new co-operation between companies.

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