Education export of elderly care from SAMK to China started

Work with the aged and especially memory loss diseases are an area which interests in China as well as elsewhere in the world.  Sari Teeri, Principal Lecturer, and Päivi Kankaanranta, Senior Lecturer, did pioneering work for SAMK with education export to China at the end of September.  The one-week education was attended by around fifty professionals of elderly care in the Changzhou region, from orderlies to people with university degrees.

30.10.2018 | By: Hanna Valtokivi | Photo: Hanna Valtokivi and Xiao Chujun

People practicing the situation in a hospital
Koulutuksessa tehtiin myös harjoituksia | The education included practical exercises. Photo: Xiao Chujun

– It was further education for professionals of elderly care, who came from hospitals, homes for the elderly and residential care facilities from different parts of Changzhou, Sari Teeri tells us.

Memory loss diseases are a growing problem also in China, as the population gets older.  The Chinese want to develop the quality of the care and encounter of a person with a memory loss disease, and they want to learn how this is done in Finland.  The participants of the education were especially interested in the Finnish model for home care.

– In Finland the care path of a person with a memory loss disease is more organized than in China.  In Finland the aim is to make the person in question involved in decision making as an equal partner, unlike in China, where the nursing staff and relatives have a stronger role in decision making.  They are more oriented to institutional care, and home care is only at a planning stage, Päivi Kankaanranta says.

SAMK’s expert duo visited Chinese nursing homes and homes for the elderly in advance two years ago to get resources for planning the education.  An active group of students surprised the instructors.

– During the week, we had both lectures, exercises and discussions.  The group was eager to participate and make questions, Sari Teeri tells us.

Customer orientation, i.e. planning of individual care and rehabilitation, based on the life-story of the person with a memory loss disease, was processed with the group, for example.

The women are satisfied with the opening of the education export.  It is easier to continue after the experience.  They also felt that their expertise was valued, because SAMK has long-term evidence of educating about the services for the elderly, and both Bachelor and Master levels are offered.

– Palautteessaan kiinalaisopiskelijat kehuivat erityisesti vuorovaikutteisuutta, joustavuutta ja uuden tiedon saantia, Sari Teeri (vas.) ja Päivi Kankaanranta kertovat.

– Palautteessaan kiinalaisopiskelijat kehuivat erityisesti vuorovaikutteisuutta, joustavuutta ja uuden tiedon saantia, Sari Teeri (vas.) ja Päivi Kankaanranta kertovat. | In their feedback, the Chinese students praised especially the interaction, flexibility and acquisition of new knowledge, Sari Teeri (left) and Päivi Kankaanranta say.

Both Teeri and Kankaanranta came back with new resources as well, to Finland and for the students.

-Comparing different countries and cultures broadens also the Finnish elderly care.  We have the opportunity to tell the students how it is done in China.  But we have to remember not to export our methods only, because they do develop the work as well and take also a critical view of our doings.

Relations with China are created with a long-term view

SAMK has had cooperation with the Changzhou University since 2008: student and staff exchange, visits by the management and professionals, and research forums.

In 2016, a double degree agreement was signed of the English Nursing education.  There are some other old partner universities like Suzhou and Zheijiang Universities with the focus of student and staff exchange cooperation.

SAMK’s office was opened in Changzhou in 2016 for deeper co-operation with Changzhou City and Satakunta Region for all school levels and industry cooperation like in tourism and healthcare sector.

2017 a summer and winter school activities began, bringing students to SAMK and to Satakunta also from other parts of China. For example in October 2018, SAMK organized an educational week for a group of head masters from Zhejiang Jinhua Municipal Education Bureau, during which a.o. the Finnish education system, entrepreneurship studies and virtual studies were familiarized with.

Spring 2018 SAMK undersigned contract with China Center for International Educational Exchange (CCIEE).  Areas to cooperate will be to organize Chinese students for short-term study and exchange also to develop joint programs including dual degree programs.  This cooperation agreement gather several universities in China.

This year the LEF China project has been launched, where an export network of wood products branch to China is developed.  The project utilizes the already existing contacts by SAMK.

Viikon koulutus päättyi todistusten jakoon ja juhlalliseen yhteiskuvaan.

Viikon koulutus päättyi todistusten jakoon ja juhlalliseen yhteiskuvaan | The one-week education ended with certificates and a festive photo together.

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