BYOD concept into use at SAMK in the autumn 2017

BYOD means the same as Bring Your Own Device, it means that students make their assignments mainly with their own computers.

26.7.2017 | By: Petra O'Rourke | Photo: Veera Korhonen


BYOD is an operational model which is becoming increasingly common in enterprises and educational institutions. BYOD concept includes WLAN at all SAMK campus areas, printing, data protection, applications, IT classrooms, virtualization, LAN, user management, operators, electric supply, communication, support, training etc. SAMK requires the use of personal terminal equipment in studies from the beginning of autumn semester 2017.

A BYOD clinic will start to operate in the beginning of the autumn term 2017. Students help other students in BYOD issues there. In addition, SAMK’s HelpDesk helps in questions related to BYOD:

Students can freely use Microsoft Office programs and OneDrive for Business cloud. Students get F-secure security software with a special student offer. There is a wireless printing system at and students are able to print through any printer at SAMK campuses. The programs which cannot be downloaded will be downloaded in the IT classrooms.


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