Applications for English language degree programmes increased at SAMK

The application period for English language degree programmes has ended. Over 300 applicants had selected SAMK as their first choice and SAMK got altogether 650 applicants. In other words, there were 1.9 primary applicants on average.

7.2.2017 | By: Inna Saarinen | Photo: Veera Korhonen


The students could apply for six degree programmes leading to a Bachelor’s degree at SAMK. International Business and Physiotherapy had more applicants this year than before. No earlier figures are available for Industrial Management, Logistics, Nursing and Sea Captain, because this was the first time students could apply for them.

There were primary applicants from 51 countries and out these 42 % were from Finland, 19 % from the EU/ETA area and 39 % outside the EU/ETA area. Most foreign applicants were from Nigeria, Ghana, Estonia, France, Britain and Ireland.

SAMK will charge tuition fees from the students outside the EU/ETA area for the first time in the autumn. In other words, the students who will start their studies in an English language degree programme in autumn 2017 have to pay tuition fees. The tuition fee will be 7000 euros for a Bachelor’s degree and 8000 euros for a Master’s degree. At the same time a subsidy system is introduced and it will be connected with the progress of the studies, in particular, with achieving 55 ECTS credits in an academic year.

The application period for Finnish language programmes is from 15 March to 5 April 2017. In this period, students can apply for full-time Bachelor’s degree programmes, degree programmes carried out through blended learning and Master’s degree programmes.

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