Ageing as a theme: The next intensive course for students was planned within a Nordplus higher education programme

Coordinators of the Multinec network were planning next intensive course "Multidisciplinary approach in elderly care" for students in SAMK in the end of September 2017.  The course will be in SAMK next spring.

26.9.2017 | By: Sari Teeri & Päivi Kankaanranta | Photo: Anne Sankari

At SAMK MultiNEC network

The Multinec network was established in 2013. The participants include higher education institutions and NGOs.

The common goal of the network is knowledge-building in elderly care education, combining competences of various study programs  (master and bachelor -level) and increase multidisciplinary capacities of future professionals.

The network has already organised two intensive courses, the first was in Kaunas, Lithuania in 2016 and the second was in Riga Latvia, in 2017.

Also network promotes student and teacher exchanges programs.

The multidisciplinary approach in MultiNEC network is a didactical cooperation among professionals from different fields namely elderly care, nursing, occupational therapy and physiotherapy.

In the photo:

Sandra Seimane (Riga Medical College of Latvian University)

Ieva Jekabsone  ( Latvian Association of Occupational Therapists)

Martins Campa (Latvian Academy of Sport Education)

Karīna Ostrovska  (Latvian Academy of Sport Education)

Milan Chang Guðjónsson  (Reykjavik University)

Diana Reklaitiene (Lithuanian Sports University)

Jurate Pozeriene (Lithuanian Sports University)

Kankaanranta Päivi (Satakunta University of Applied Sciences)

Sari Teeri (Satakunta University of Applied Sciences)

26.9.2017 | By: Sari Teeri & Päivi Kankaanranta | Photo: Anne Sankari

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