A Fulbright Specialist at SAMK to start project co-operation

Dr. John Donnellan from NJCU, New Jersey, USA, was at SAMK for a 3-week project visit. The main reason for SAMK to apply for a Fulbright Specialist was the will to start a co-operative project in supply chain management with NJCU.

22.9.2017 | By: Marina Wikman | Photo: Marina Wikman & Fulbright

Dr. John Donnellan lecturing at SAMK Campus Rauma. Photo by Marina Wikman
Dr. John Donnellan lecturing at SAMK Campus Rauma.

Dr. Donnellan is an Associate Professor of Business and Chair of the NJCU School of Business Management Department, and he was on a Fulbright Finland Specialist assignment at SAMK. This was the very first time that there was a Fulbright program grantee at SAMK.

Cross-Atlantic student project will start

A co-operation project involving NJCU and SAMK students will start in September, and continue the whole semester.  The students will be in mixed groups working online with the guidance of faculty from both universities. The project will deal with supply chain management, and will be carried out in co-operation with the port of Rauma as well as the ports of Jacksonville and Baltimore.

In addition to working on the project plan, Dr. Donnellan also gave lectures both in Rauma and Pori on various business topics.

Having worked to together with colleagues at SAMK and becoming familiar with the programs he sees a strong synergy in the fields of logistics and international business. According to Dr. Donnellan there are a lot of opportunities in the co-operation of the two universities in the future.

Dr. Donnellan says that he also wanted to come to Finland to see the world renown education system first hand. He continues that he then can share his experience with his counterparts back home.

“I have enjoyed being in Finland and seeing the beautiful land with clear skies and little pollution”, he states, and continues that Finnish people are rather reserved and quiet compared to Americans who are quite talkative.

Dr. Donnellan also likes sports, and during his visit he had a chance to get familiar with Finnish baseball. He saw several games during his time in Satakunta, and admits having become a fan.

Connection between SAMK and NJCU made in China

The connection between SAMK and NJCU was made in China. Dr. Donnellan visited Changzhou University at the same time with Ms. Sanna Juhantalo and Ms. Marina Wikman, both of whom work on international relations at SAMK.

SAMK Rauma Fulbright Donnellan and President Niinistö Finland 2017

The first two-days of his visit he spent in Helsinki in the Fulbright orientation program. He also attended the reception at the American Embassy, where Chargé d’Affaires Donna Welton presented a centennial gift of $500,000 to the Fulbright Finland Foundation. The gift was received by President Sauli Niinistö, who also delivered his special remarks.


INFO: The Fulbright Specialist Program

The aim of the Fulbright Program is to build relations between the people of the US and other countries. This is done e.g. through academic exchanges. Within the program American scholars are sent abroad and scholars from other countries brought to the US.

The Fulbright Specialist Program  is a program through which U.S. faculty and professionals are sent to serve as expert consultants on curriculum, faculty development, institutional planning, and related subjects at academic institutions abroad for a period of 2 to 6 weeks.

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22.9.2017 | By: Marina Wikman | Photo: Marina Wikman & Fulbright

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