Students walk along the elongated trees in the woods.
4.10.2021 | SAMK

SAMK EduTravel Daytrips offer nature magic and cultural heritage

SAMK EduTravel is a learning environment where the international student team of Tourism and Hospitality Management operates as an incoming travel agency together with professional mentors. This autumn SAMK EduTravel’s product selection has expanded to guided daytrips to Satakunta Region’s visitor attraction highlights.
Tero Hämäläinen seisoo Porin kampuksen pihassa.
1.10.2021 | Sustainable development

SAMK aspiring to become carbon neutral

SAMK is part of Arene Program for sustainable development and responsibility. The program creates a framework for a more sustainable and responsible future for all Universities of Applied Sciences in Finland. SAMK wants to be carbon neutral by the year 2030.