Timo Mattila opetuksen vararehtori SAMK.
19.2.2021 | Studies

SAMK graduates’ employment rate is high

Universities of Applied Sciences follow their graduates five years after they have got their degree. The aim of the survey is to find out how they have been integrated into the job market and how happy they are with their degree.
In the picture students use manual control to get the mobile robot into the lift.
12.2.2021 | Teknologia

Towards the Hospital of the Future

The piloting of Satasairaala (Satakunta Cenral Hospital) and SAMK testbed functions is launched by a mobile robot experiment driven by the needs of Satasairaala. The experiment includes testing the applicability of a robot in a requested, customer-specific medicine order.
Women with self-phone and laptop.
20.1.2021 | SAMK

Bachelor´s thesis: Corona pandemic challenges organizational culture

Niko Laurila, who graduated in December 2020 with a Bachelor´s degree in Business Administration, found out in his thesis the effects that decentralized work has on organizational culture. Due to corona pandemic, it was a very topical issue as work is carried out in a more and more decentralized manner in Finnish enterprises.