SAMK Summer School

SAMK Summer School offers a sneak peek of multidisciplinary education in Finland and at SAMK. Students will also have a perfect chance to experience the beautiful Finnish summer.

SAMK Summer School 2020 Cancelled

SAMK has decided to cancel the Summer School for 2020 due to the current corona virus pandemic. We are very sorry for the cancellation but the decision was made with student and staff safety in mind.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at:

We will start to plan Winter School 2021 and Summer School 2021 and hope to see you then!

SAMK Summer School

SAMK Summer School is a unique combination of high-quality academic content and versatile social programme in the Cities of Pori, Rauma or Kankaanpää surrounded by beautiful nature. Deepen your knowledge with courses covering a range of academic fields and up-to-date topics, make new international friends and experience the beautiful Finnish summer. The Summer School is open for anyone interested in studying in Satakunta during the summer.

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SAMKin opiskelijoita istumassa nurmikolla kesällä.

Blue Xperience in Finland

3–8 August 2020  |  Pori, Finland

Competence-Base Higher Education Experience in Finland

3–7 August 2020  |  Pori, Finland

English Language & Finnish Language and Culture

3–14 August 2020  |  Pori, Finland

Health Education Experience in Finland

3–14 August 2020  |  Pori, Finland

Environmental Art, Interiors and Installations

10–12 August 2020  |  Kankaanpää, Finland

Introduction to Entrepreneurship – Develop a vision for your life

10–14 August 2020  |  Pori, Finland

Logistics and Maritime Management Experience in Finland

17–21 August 2020  |  Rauma, Finland

Practical information

Free time activities

In Pori

  • Adventure park (outdoors) including e.g. climbing and fatbikes
  • Yyteri beach, 6 km:s long sand beach by the sea including e.g. surfing
  • Bowling
  • Museums (e.g. art)
  • Good shopping possibilities e.g. Puuvilla and Iso-Karhu shopping centres
  • More to come soon

In Rauma

  • Activities will be updated soon

Welcome to Satakunta

SAMK is a multidisciplinary, internationally oriented university. SAMK offers both Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree Programmes taught in English. At SAMK one can study to become an expert in business, engineering, health care, maritime management and tourism.

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Johanna Kares-Koskinen
International Relations Coordinator
+358 44 710 3011

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