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Maritime Management is a Master’s degree programme for sea captains and marine engineering professionals who want to deepen their managerial expertise.

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Master of Maritime Management
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Master of Maritime Management

Expertise in Marine Environment

Maritime Management is a Master’s degree programme for sea captains and marine engineering professionals who want to deepen their managerial expertise in safe international marine shipping as well as economical, legal and contractual expertise in maritime business. Students will be able to use the knowledge obtained for development, problem solving and innovation within maritime management and marine engineering. Academic knowledge from legal, economical and technical issues are combined with expertise of the senior lecturers with both maritime management and marine engineering background. Teaching teams also arrange visiting lecturers/experts from the industry.

SAMK Students Will be Employed

Master’s studies on Maritime Management serve to educate highly skilled, competent and innovative specialists for demanding development, management and expert positions in maritime management companies and organisations. Both vertical and horizontal career paths are likely to take place, even before the Master’s studies have been completed.

For already twelve years SAMK has provided this Master Programme for the seafarers who have wanted to continue successfully their careers in shipping companies and maritime administrations leadership. Since 2017 the Master programme has also been open for Marine engineers.

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Survey of Ministry of Education and Culture for those graduated from university of applied sciences in 2009 – 2019.

Study Contents

The Master’s Programme in Maritime Management will offer deeper insight into management of international shipping, shipping legislation and contract management, risk assessment, safety and security management, casualty management, resilience engineering, energy and environment of shipping, and modern automation and ICT applications in marine industry.

Throughout the studies the development of Autonomous shipping (MASS) is highlighted to students both from legal and technical point of views, which also has impact on safety culture in shipping in general in years to come.

In addition research and development methods and tools will be applied in the real life development project.

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Study Arrangements

Tuition in the Master’s Degree Programme is organized so that studying can be combined with full-time work. Study courses worth 30 cr are delivered through three semesters. There will be an average two – three contact days per every second month. Contact sessions during the first years studies will be organized mainly in Helsinki in Finland. Contact sessions of the studies during the second year can also be organized outside Finland, for example in Copenhagen and London.

Modern digital solutions and learning environments have been developed and tested for the online courses which are accessible also from oceans. Videoseminars in HILL environment are used between the contact lecture periods and the students have their own videorooms for groupwork during the studies.

Forms of Learning

Synchronous and asynchronous e-learning studies will be used at other times. Studies use blended learning methods including lectures and cooperative learning sessions, e-learning, and project-based learning. The learning process is characterized by the strong integration of real working life problems and development projects. Master’s thesis worth 30 cr is undertaken through the whole study period.

What is Unique in Maritime Management Studies at SAMK:

  • Latest maritime simulator technology taken in use 2016
  • Audited Dynamic Positioning Training by Nautical Institute in July 2017
  • Awarded by RINA/LR maritime safety award 2016 as part of SEAHORSE consortium
  • SAMK is member of IAMU (International Association of Maritime Universities)
  • SAMK is member of IMCA (International Maritime Contractors Association)
  • Rauma and Pori are cities in the heart of maritime cluster of Finland

Bimco member

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Peter Sandell
| Seafaring

SAMK´s Peter Sandell has been elected to the Board of Directors of Nordic Offshore and Maritime Arbitration Association

SAMK´s Senior lecturer Peter Sandell was elected in May to the Board of Directors of Nordic Offshore and Maritime Arbitration Association NOMA. Sandell has been working for over 25 years in different positions relating to maritime law as Circuit Court judge, researcher, and teacher before the appointment.
| Seafaring

Autonomous ships are on the horizon but educated seafarers are still needed

– A totally unmanned ship is still far away, says Sauli Ahvenjärvi. Nothing happens very fast as seafaring is heavily regulated internationally. Responsibility issues form a big deal: if there is no captain on board, who is responsible – software manufacturer or shipping company?

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