Study periods and important dates


The academic year 2018–2019 is 27.8.2018–18.6.2019.

However, the last period is reserved for work placements, meaning that there is normally no tuition in June. Outside the academic year you can for example pass exams or on-line courses, or do your training.

Fall semester: 27.8.–21.12.2018
Spring semester 2.1.–18.6.2019
Summer semester: 19.6.–23.8.2019

Breaks in tuition

Christmas break 22.12.2018–1.1.2019

In addition, there are some public holidays during the academic year when there is no tuition:

Independence Day 6 December
Epiphany 6 January
Easter 19 April to 22 April
May Day 1 May
Ascension Day 30 May
Midsummer Eve and Day 21 to 22 June


Students can graduate several times a year. The certificate is requested three weeks before the intended graduation date.


The student can enrol for attendance or non-attendance depending on the date, when he or she has accepted study entitlement.

If the student has accepted study entitlement in a degree programme before autumn 2015, he or she can enrol for non-attendance for four terms at the most. If the student has accepted study entitlement in autumn 2015 or after it, he or she can enrol for non-attendance without a specific reason for two semesters at the most. In addition, he or she can enrol for non-attendance because of military or non-military service or because of maternity, paternity or parents’ leave without decreasing the study entitlement time.

A present student can enrol for non-attendance for either the autumn or spring semester of the following academic year by the end of July. If the student does not enrol for non-attendance by this time, he or she is enrolled for the whole academic year.

Enrolment for the following academic year begins in April or May in the spring term and ends by the beginning of August. Information of enrolment is sent to the students by e-mail.


Graduates leave an application for the Degree Certificate and answer a Questionnaire for the Graduates at eServices.

NOTE! CHANGED POLICY! The certificate is requested three weeks before the intended graduation date.

SAMK's procedural instructions ME71111 Award of Degree Certificate


The status of the degrees awarded by the universities of applied sciences within the Finnish system of academic degrees, as well as the qualifications provided by them, are defined in legislation.

Registration for Graduation Party

A graduation party is arranged once a year before summer on all campuses at SAMK. The graduation party always includes a common part which is broadcasted from the venue of the main party to other campuses. After that each campus has its own programme.

Next graduation party:

14 June 2019 at 14.00


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