Student Union SAMMAKKO

The Student Union of SAMK is called SAMMAKKO. It is a dynamic student community that supervises the interests of its members, organizes different events and provides services and benefits to its members. 


SAMMAKKO is responsible for tutoring at SAMK. Exchange students are offered a survival kit through the student union. Also thesis binding and green student overalls are available through the Student Union. 

Student Advocacy

SAMMAKKO supervises the interests of the students. The aim is to sustain and develop the quality of studies and to promote the status and wellbeing of students.  


SAMMAKKO has offices in Pori and Rauma. SAMMAKKO board, Student selection committee and personnel look after student interests in all SAMK cities.  

Become a member or update your membership 

Being a Student Union member pays off. As a member you have access to all national and local student benefits and services such as student discounts on school meals and on train and bus tickets. In addition to advocation and tutoring the Student Union offers the members both free sports events and campaigns and member discounts on a selection of services, products and events. A valid student card is a sign of the membership. All degree students can join the Student Union SAMMAKKO.