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SAMK EduTravel is an incoming travel agency coordinating educational tours like educamps and theme group visits in the safe and peaceful Satakunta region, West Coast Finland. We provide high-quality educational travel packages in the Finnish school and recreational environment. Each visit is tailor-made according to the group's wishes to guarantee the best learning experience.

What it is about?

Finnish education is world- famous. SAMK EduTravel does its part to promote it and coordinates educational tours in Satakunta region. With EduTravel you can experience not only the Finnish school environment but also a lot of useful leisure activities with a hint of learning as well!

Our products

An Educamp package includes 2–5 days study visit to a local school + leisure activities and full-day guided leisure excursion.

A Theme group visit includes retailed education-related program (e.g. training, familiarization) for education professionals and a full day guided leisure excursion.

A daytrip includes guided tour in West Coast Finland / Satakunta Region with themed visits to nature & culture based visitor attractions, transportation, professional guiding and good food, in full-service principle.


Why not combine experience of Finnish education, unique nature and cultural heritage? This is a destination worth visiting for all groups interested in Finland, so contact us and let’s make your wishes come true!


Samk Edutravel Ryhma


Our customers are foreign travel agencies/tour operators, foreign universities or international offices, tourism companies aiming to international educational travel markets and other travel agencies or DMC/DMOs in Finland. We provide travel services to customer groups coming to Finland by designing and coordinating trips at the destination level in our region. We also provide guided daytrips to international exchange and degree students or stakeholders from international organisations in Satakunta region. We operate as a bridge between tour operator and service provider, take care of transportation, accommodation, activities and educational arrangements.

About us

SAMK EduTravel staff consists of Satakunta University of Applied Science students, mentoring teachers and professionals. Student workers are studying Hospitality Management, Business Administration or Entrepreneurship. Mentors are qualified professionals in Tourism, Marketing, Visual Design, Business Administration and Educational Travel.


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Satakunnankatu 23, 28130 Pori, Finland, Europe

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SAMK EduTravel opiskelijoita / SAMK EduTravel students
| Tourism business

Expanding product offering, cooperation and networking created faith in the future at SAMK EduTravel

EduTravel has served as a learning environment for tourism students at the faculty of Service business. As usual, students and mentors made an annual report on the previous year to gain more visibility among our stakeholders.
Students walk along the elongated trees in the woods.

SAMK EduTravel Daytrips offer nature magic and cultural heritage

SAMK EduTravel is a learning environment where the international student team of Tourism and Hospitality Management operates as an incoming travel agency together with professional mentors. This autumn SAMK EduTravel’s product selection has expanded to guided daytrips to Satakunta Region’s visitor attraction highlights.