Rules for photo crowdsourcing at SAMK

SAMK Communications will crowdsource photos taken by SAMK students and personnel to give a more diverse image of everyday life here at SAMK. We want more than photos taken by professional photographers or SAMK professional communicators.

We obey the following rules of play in photo crowdsourcing:

Every now and then we crowdsource photos in order to give a more diverse image of our activities rather than using only photos taken by professional photographers or SAMK Communications. We ask the whole of SAMK or visitors to send photos straight to us or publish them in social media with a certain hashtag identified with the crowdsourcing in question.

We do not use photos in other connections than those agreed on in crowdsourcing nor give them to third parties, unless it is separately agreed on with the sender. We may also embed crowdsourcing photos published in social media which are identified with an exact hashtag on our pages e.g. in the news and then we will follow the terms and conditions determined by each service.

By sending a photo to SAMK Communications in connection to crowdsourcing, you will us give the right to use, share and edit the photo, if needed, in all services of SAMK Communications. Please send only photos you have taken yourself. In a private situation ask for the permission to take photos of the people who can be seen in the photo.

What does this mean in concrete terms?

1 SAMK can use, share and edit, if needed, the photo in all SAMK Communications services ( notices, news, publications).

We may use crowdsourced  photos in connection to articles about crowdsourcing. We do not promise to use photos. The article may have been published on any platform administered by SAMK, mainly on SAMK web pages or blogs.

Editing means colour grading of photos or possible framing required by the aspect ratio of our publication platforms.

If we wish to use the photos in any other connection as mentioned above, we will contact the sender of the photo separately.

2 Send only photos that you have taken yourself.

When you have taken the photo, you will have the relevant copyright on it and you know what there is in the photo. The photo you sent must not infringe somebody else´s copyright or right to the photo.

3 On a private occasion ask for the permission of people who are seen in the photo.

Privacy protection must be complied with the photos to be published. So do not send photos of offensive situations or from somebody´s home without the permission of the resident – if you have for example gathered at somebody´s home to study – and all the people who can be seen in the photo.

Ask for the permission also when you take a photo of somebody outdoors. Permission is not needed of passers-by on the street to publish a photo.

What does SAMK look like – what does your daily life at SAMK look like?


Yle crowdsourcing rules of play (Ylen kuvajoukkoistuksen pelisäännöt 22.11.2018)  have been used as a basis for this page.