Principles of open science and research

At SAMK we aim at making research data, results and services available for all. We are committed to follow the principles of open science and research, good research practice and research ethics.

Open research services

SAMK offers the enterprises open services in three categories:

1. Common research projects

SAMK focuses on applied research and product and service development. The main emphasis is on fast and concrete experiments which the clients can benefit from. 


2. Student projects carried out under the supervision of expert teachers

The ideas of product and service development of the clients are developed further by the students. The latest knowledge and skills the students have are used to develop the ideas into innovative activities.  

3. Start-up investments

SAMK makes investments in start-up companies and if necessary provides them with research competence.

The principles of open RDI activities at SAMK:

  1. We do not want to compete with the services provided by small- sized enterprises.
  2. Small-sized enterprises are just as valuable partners for us as big enterprises.
  3. The supervised projects provide a learning process for our students.

SAMK practices open innovation activities and aims at transferring the results of RDI activities to its partners and interest groups as effectively as possible.

Benefiting from the research results

SAMK aims at transferring the results of RDI activities to its partners and interest groups as effectively as possible (”Good business is not our business”).  The results of RDI activities which do not involve trade secrets or Intellectual Property Rights are distributed as widely as possible. SAMK informs of its RDI activities and research results actively both on its web pages and in open publications.

Open research data

In general, research data are described in publications concerning the relevant research. The research data attached to research results are open and can be used by anybody. Each research project includes a data management plan which deals with the protection of confidential knowledge, delivering research data for open use and disposal of the material. IDA service is used for dealing with massive data.

Open publishing

The research staff publishes their results in open publication channels if possible. As a result, the public and the research community can read the publications freely online. If necessary the publication can also be saved on Theseus with the permission of the publisher. The students save their theses on Theseus.

The teaching staff is encouraged to share their teaching material by using a Creative Commons licence.

Open research environments at SAMK

Apparaatti (Apparatus)

Laboratory of sun energy

RDI laboratory of Automation

Ship simulator

Service Centre Soteekki

SAMK China Campus

Water Institute WANDER

Enterprise Accelerator



SAMK is a higher education institution with emphasis on entrepreneurship. The staff’s and students’ entrepreneurship is regarded as a resource for SAMK and local development. Innovation activities and transparent, equal and common principles in entrepreneurship activities encourage the whole higher education institution for entrepreneurship.