Open science and open education

SAMK has committed to the principles of open science and research and supports open education.

SAMK has committed to the principles of open science and research and supports open education. SAMK strategy defines open science, open publications, open datasets and learning materials as central factors in SAMK Research, Development and Innovation (RDI).

Our principle is that research services, research environments (infrastructure), research data, methods and results are available to everyone. We support open education, using and creating open educational resources.

SAMK has committed to apply the recommendations and guidelines of the Declaration of Open Science and Research, the national Guidelines and Recommendations for Open Educational Resources, good scientific practice and good research ethics. For every research project we draft a data management plan to make the research data available. The plan contains the protection of confidential information as well as data storage and erasure.

We do not want to compete with local and regional small and medium enterprises in RDI. Our innovation operations are open, we aim to offer RDI results for all stakeholders and partners as effectively and widely as possible, if there are no trade secrets or protected IPR rights. Research results are usually published via open channels without author fees. We follow national recommendations on open publishing and copyright.

Services for open RDI and education

There is a working group at SAMK on open RDI and education. The working group develops the services for open science activities and promotes an open operational culture in SAMK. Services are available both for staff and students. Responsible for the services are the following:

  • Library Services (publishing register, self-archiving, metadata)
  • ICT and Digital Services (saving the data, data protection)
  • Communication Services (blogs, internal communication, research news)
  • RDI Support Services (data management)
  • Faculties (copyright, research ethics, open educational resources)
  • Open publishing (publication series)
  • Finance and Administration (archives, document management systems)

For more information on open science and responsible evaluation, SAMK staff can contact Cimmo Nurmi, Vice President for Research.

SAMK is a part in the project financed by the Ministry of Education and Culture: Developing open RDI, Learning and Innovation Ecosyste​​m at Universities of Applied Sciences.​ ​