Welfare services – Soteekki

From Soteekki, the service centre of social and health care, you can order welfare services, which are produced by the students under the supervision of the lecturers.


Soteekki is a service centre of social and health care at SAMK, where the students produce social and health care services of good quality and with low prices.


In Soteekki there are students of health care, nursing, social services and physiotherapy as well as international exchange students.

To whom?

The services can be bought by private customers, societies, communities or companies, and the services are tailor-made according to the customer’s wishes.

Soteekki birthday party is always popular among children.

Services for various age groups, home and work place

  • Home visits for the aged, family caregivers and families with children
  • Services for helpers
  • Help for outdoor activities, recollection groups, hobby crafts groups for the aged
  • Children’s play area and family club
  • TerveSynttärit birthday
  • Club activities for schools, making friends during the break
  • Physical exercise for special groups, balance groups, gym groups, groups for physical exercise in water
  • TYHY days (work well-being) and health projects
  • Testing, guiding and advising services for health and functional ability
  • Physical exercise services for companies and communities
  • Courses and tailor-made services

Service Centre Soteekki

Satakunnankatu 23
28130 Pori

044 710 3660 (9 a.m. – 3 p.m. on weekdays)


Soteekki – strong together!