Business and technology services – Apparaatti

The student projects begin from an assignment.  They are carried out in a team under the supervision of a teacher/lecturer and they are a part of learning.  The idea of Apparaatti is to be a link between the students and enterprises.

Link between student and enterprise

In Apparaatti, the students refine the enterprises’ product and service ideas to a versatile and innovative operation.  Apparaatti tries to lower the threshold between the enterprises and students to work together, elsewhere and with others.

Assignments from enterprises and communities

The personnel at Apparaatti find the doers among the students for the assignments.  The students get experience in the work and research of their own branch and create contacts with companies in various fields.  With the help of Apparaatti, it is also possible for the student to plan and accelerate his/her own enterprise activity.

Cooperation with working life

The entrepreneurs of the Satakunta region have the most experience in student cooperation.  A large majority of entrepreneurs (81.7%) see SAMK increasing the appeal of the region (a national inquiry by the Federation of Finnish Enterprises).