Information on residence permit

If you come to Finland from non-EU/EEA countries for more than 90 days, you must apply for a residence permit.

Please start your immigration clearance process immediately (preferably within 7 days after receiving the acceptance letter) as the study permit may take months to be issued. The regulations concerning your stay in Finland can be found on the web page of the Finnish Immigration Service (Migri). You can start the process online at EnterFinland and you should only fill in one application to avoid identification issues.

How to prove your identity abroad.

Having filled in the residence permit application find out which Finnish mission or VFS Global Application Centre you can visit for identification and for submitting biometric identifiers (signature, photograph, fingerprints) and book an appointment there. Your Finnish mission or VFS Application Centre may be located in a different country from where you are staying. Be prepared to apply for a visa for the country in question.

Important things to remember:

  • You will need to attach the official acceptance letter from SAMK to the application.
  • You should make sure to be able to establish sufficient independent funding for living in Finland, "means of support".
  • You must have sufficient insurance coverage for immigration.
  • Always be truthful in giving information to avoid a negative decision.
  • In case you receive a negative decision, please contact us at for assistance.

You can still add documents to your application. Remember to keep your access codes and passwords safe. If you are unable to log into the service, you should email the Finnish Immigration Service at rather than fill in a duplicate application.