Info Package for New Students

From this website you can find useful information about the academic year, studying, school services and communication channels.

Academic Year

The academic year 2017–2018 is 28.8.2017–18.6.2018. However, the last period is reserved for work placements, meaning that there is normally no tuition in June. Outside the academic year you can for example pass exams or on-line courses, or do your training.


Fall semester: 28.8.–22.12.2017

Spring semester 2.1.–18.6.2018

Summer semester: 19.6.–24.8.2018


We can offer our students many possibilities to enhance their knowledge and practical skills. In addition to traditional lectures, thesis and exams, we offer various chances to learn through projects. The Enterprise Accelerator helps students who have a business idea or an operating company. The students will also be assisted in enterprise succession or in the acquisition of an enterprise. We have a wide international connections and partnership universities in many countries. International operations include exchange of students, trainees, teachers and experts, development of study contents in cooperation with foreign counterparts, internationalizing study plans and various RDI projects.


Tutoring refers to all measures designed to support a student’s independent learning and smooth progress of studies. Student tutors have been chosen to help you from the very first days of your studies. They will make you acquainted with your own campus and its facilities and also with the city, if needed. A student tutor is a student from the second or third year who has made an agreement with SAMK to support and help the students during their first semester of studies. Two or three “own” student tutors are assigned to each study group. You can of course also ask for advice or help from other students. All student tutors have given a promise of secrecy so you can turn to them in all confidence and in any matter whatsoever. During the first study week the student tutors give their own group information about e.g. library services, IT systems and the study environment. The teacher tutor in charge organises the activities of peer tutors.

SAMK arranges orientation days for new international degree students in the beginning of each semester. The programme during the days is drawn up to help the students settle into student life and the new environment as quickly as possible. The programme introduces students to the various services, regulations and systems at SAMK.

Progress of Studies

A Bachelor´s degree program includes basic and professional studies, a practical training, and a bachelor´s thesis. The practical training introduces the student to practical work tasks that are essential especially to the professional skills and to the application of knowledge and skills in professional work. The degree also includes some elective studies and project studies.

Depending on the degree program, the degree consist of 210-270 credits, i.e. approximately 60 credits per year. One credit is equivalent to 27 hours of student work, and one year of studies is equivalent to 1600 hours of student work.

Your progress is reviewed yearly to check if your studies are full-time. You are considered a full-time student if you are enrolled in a course of study leading to a bachelor’s degree. Your progress is regarded as satisfactory if your period of full-time study does not substantially exceed the standard study time for your course of study.

Individual Study Plan (ISP/HOPS)

At SAMK, every student compiles an individual study plan (ISP/HOPS) with the help of his/her teacher tutor at the initial states of the studies. The purpose of this plan is to make the curriculum more personal and it is based on the future career plans of the student.

With the help of this plan, it is easier for you to understand the structure of your studies, and how you should proceed with them. It includes information on the mandatory, elective, and alternative studies, and a roadmap of the courses. You may also include a practical training plan in your individual study plan. Completion of your studies is monitored and your individual study plan is updated at least once a year, or when necessary, during development discussions with your tutor teacher.

Recognition of prior learning (RPL/AHOT)

Recognition of prior learning (RPL/AHOT) promotes lifelong learning. A university student is given the opportunity to demonstrate that, through prior learning, he or she masters the learning outcomes regardless of where or how the competence has been acquired. The competence must correspond with the learning objectives of the curriculum of the study program.

You may apply for recognition of learning acquired earlier as a part of your degree program. If you want your competence to be recognized, you should contact the study program coordinator at the initial stages of your studies.

School Services

Student Office

From the Student Office you can get e.g. study certificates and official transcripts of records.


International Office

International Relations Secretary can help you if you wish to get more information about studying or doing the internship abroad.


Facilities for self-studying

You can find several smaller or bigger rooms for independent studying all over the campuses. They will be introduced to you during the first days of the studies.



There is a student cafeteria in every campus. University students can buy meals at discounted prices in those restaurants. Compensation cards are given to new students in the beginning of their studies.

Health care

Health care services for students include health counselling, medical or hospital treatment and dental care. The student will be charged with the same compensation as other customers of the health care centre. Pursuant to the Primary Health Care Act, every student is, regardless of domicile, entitled to health care services and care services of the disabled in the location of study at the same price as the local inhabitants.


Fitness gym

The campus fitness gym (Campus Pori) is open for students and they need an admission card to have the access.



Library is a meeting place where learning, research and expertise are supported. The library provides professional literature, journals and online resources. Library staff helps you in finding information and using printed and online materials.

BYOD - Bring Your Own Device

SAMK requires the use of personal terminal equipment in studies from the beginning of autumn semester 2017. The recommended operating system is Windows 7 or a newer one. Find out more about the equipment recommendations.

Communication Channels

Email address

Each student gets his or her own email address ( Email is definitely our most important communication channel, as our staff members send messages relating to courses and studying in general to personal email addresses. Emails are always sent to SAMK email addresses, even though a student may have other email addresses as well.

Intranet Oiva

We have intranet, Oiva, for students where you can find important study related matters. The user ID and password are available when school begins. Online noticeboard can be found in our student intranet.

It Systems

In addition to SAMK’s common systems (SoleOPS/HOPS, WinhaWille, Moodle), our school uses several systems of its own, designed to support your studies.


User ID

When you commence your studies, you will obtain a user ID and a password for the systems used at SAMK. They also serve as your IDs for the information network and email system.



The system offers an easy way for the students to access all of SAMK’s educational options and the information on their personal studies, from the curricula up to the implementation plans of individual courses. In SoleOPS, the students can browse course descriptions, enrol for studies and give feedback on courses. With HOPS, you can plan studying and follow the progress of your studies.



In WinhaWille, you can enrol for an academic year. You can also check and amend your contact information there.


Online instruction and online learning refer to the utilisation of the information network in teaching and learning. Some courses may be entirely online. During the courses, online learning can also be used to support traditional teaching methods.



You can use Microsoft Office programs freely. You can download them to your computer or use the web applications or both.

You also have OneDrive for Business available, where you can save your files and share files with other students and teachers.

Office365 provides you also the student email.



You can find email, Moodle, WinhaWille and other it services from SAMK's website in the right top corner "shortcuts"/ "Oman väen oikotiet".



SAMK’s Helpdesk will help you in solving IT problems. You can ask for help by writing your problem to the ServiceDesk.

Printing Quota

At the beginning of the academic year, you receive a quota of 15€. The sum is fed to your personal print account to be accessed with your user ID. The price of print varies, e.g. if you are printing in black and white, the price is 0,05€ per sheet and if you printing in color, the price is  0,20€ per sheet. You don´t have to bring paper with you, it is included in the price. At the beginning of each academic year, you receive a new quota of 15€ added to your old quota.

Guidance for Students

In addition to tutors and teacher tutors, you can get guidance e.g. at the campus office. Even though you are independently responsible for your own studies, there are different kind of guidance services available for our students, and you are welcome to use them. Please don´t hesitate to ask for help when you need it.

Enterprise Accelerator

You can join the enterprise accelerator by establishing a company or through entrepreneurial or generational change. It is also possible to come along through an existing company. You can establish a company either alone or with other students. Your company can have business partners from outside the university, too.

Soteekki (for Health Care Students)

Soteekki is the service centre SAMK’s Social Services and Health Care, offering high-quality and inexpensive health care services. Each student completes part of the practical training in Soteekki which helps the student to learn an entrepreneurial way of working and can act as a springboard to establishing an own company. Soteekki Pori offers e.g. health inspections, home visits, various sports groups, recreational activities, physiotherapy and fitness tests for individuals, companies and organisations. These services are produced as student work in the guidance of the teacher and they can be given at the customer’s home, in care homes, at workplaces or in Soteekki premises.

International Operations

SAMK has wide international connections and partnership universities in many countries. International operations include exchange of students, trainees, teachers and experts, development of study contents in cooperation with foreign counterparts, internationalizing study plans and implementing various R&D projects.

As a SAMK student you can participate in international student and trainee exchange. All studies and training periods undertaken abroad will be counted as full in your graduation, if the studies and training have been completed according to SAMK regulations. Consequently, your study time does not prolong. A usual practice is to leave for exchange after the second academic year and the exchange time varies from one semester to one academic year.

Each campus has a contact person for international affairs who can be contacted for further information about studying and training abroad.

Student Union SAMMAKKO

Student union SAMMAKKO is a dynamic community of the students of Satakunta University of Applied Sciences. The student union exists to provide representation, facilities, services and activities to its members. SAMMAKKO has about 2800 members and represents altogether 6000 students locally, regionally and nationally. The actions of the Student Union are defined by the UAS act and are politically and religiously independent.

Membership & student card

Get involved! All degree students of SAMK can join the student union. The membership costs 16€ for a semester and 30€ for a year. You can join SAMMAKKO online. After joining, you will receive a code into your SAMK email that will enable you to activate Slice App and digital student card. You can find the app from Google Play and App store. When you join the student union and download the digital student card, you are entitled to all the student benefits in Finland.

If you have any questions please contact