Library system upgrade in December 2019 will bring service changes – read more!

SAMK Library will switch to a new library services platform in December 2019. The familiar Finna website will remain, but there will be a series of changes.

Last updated 23.12.2019 

SAMK Library will switch to a new library system

In December 2019, SAMK Library will switch to a new library system, Alma library services platform. The launching of a new library system causes various changes both in the library customer services and in the library's internal processes.

The Finna discovery service will remain as a website for library search and login to online services. The updated Finna, on top of the new Alma, will be opened after 26 December.

What will change for SAMK students and staff?

Log in to Finna will be disabled and libraries closed from 16 December to 6 January. Borrowing, renewal, placing holds and online payments will not be possible.

The requests for books will be deleted in December. They cannot be transferred to Alma. Holds cannot be placed between 6 December and 6 January.

Old links to books, magazines, and databases copied from Finna's address bar will stop working. The links should be retrieved from Finna and updated. The pages and lists on Finna will be updated between Christmas and the library opening day 7 January.

The maximum renewal loan period is one year. The number of renewals will not be limited but the total time can't exceed 12 months.

The loans will have extended loan periods in December and in January.

Searches saved to Finna will remain. Favorite lists will also be retained, but the links to library items will stop working. The lists should be updated.

There are plans to update SAMK students' contact information automatically from the student administration information system to the library system.

The library will send loan receipts, payment receipts, request notices and other messages to the student's SAMK email address. Receipts are no longer printed.

A due date reminder on Finna is not needed anymore. The reminder notices will be automatically sent to all customers.

SAMK students and staff will continue to log in to Finna with SAMK ID.

Borrowing, picking up holds and using the Rauma self-service library can be done with a plastic or Finna digital library card as before.

We are sorry for the inconvenience caused by the system changeover and service break.

Important dates

  • Last day to place a hold 5.12.
  • Last opening day 14.12.
  • Last day to log in to the old Finna 15.12.
  • The updated Finna will be opened after 26.12.
  • Libraries and Finna log in will be opened 7.1.