Human inclusion and functioning

Research and development projects that approach human functioning, well-being and health from a wide range of perspectives are carried out in the research entity Human inclusion and functioning.

Human inclusion and functioning

Population ageing is a global mega-trend that widely affects the region of Satakunta. Longer life expectancy and low birth rates are leading to a decreasing number of children and youngsters, an increasing number of older people, and a shrinking working-age population. By maintaining functioning and strengthening inclusion we can support the physical, mental and social conditions of children, working-age and older people in coping with the meaningful and necessary activities of their daily lives and in integrating into society according to their abilities and performance.

The research entity comprises the development of services and training that support people’s well-being and functioning, together with the companies providing the services, the public sector, organizations, other educational organizations, students and the target group.

A particular strength of the research entity is its multidisciplinary nature. Areas of expertise include for example physiotherapy and nursing, social services, applied gerontology and rehabilitation, and fine art. In addition, there is competence in pedagogy, special needs education and adapted physical activity. The research entity has both national and international partnerships.

The current research themes in the entity are:

  • Mental health of children and youngsters
  • Work ability and functioning of working-age people
  • Nutrition at work
  • Services for older people
  • Student well-being and well-being at work
  • Accessibility

For more information, contact:

Henna Kyhä, Head of Research
+358 44 710 3134