SAMK's basic functions, i.e. teaching and research, development and innovation (RDI) are organized in faculties.

Health and Welfare

Our Health and Welfare faculty offers Bachelor's and Master's Degree level education in Social and Health Services and Fine Arts. The faculty was the first to begin offering the Human Ageing and Elderly Services degree and also offers the only English-language Physiotherapy degree in the Nordic countries. The faculty is responsible for developing the aging services specialization, has strong expertise in accessibility and runs the learning centre Soteekki.

Logistics and Maritime Technology

The Logistics and Maritime Technology faculty focuses on international business, logistics and maritime management. Of the areas of strength listed in the SAMK strategy, this faculty is in charge of maritime management and the emerging field of multi-disciplinary logistics. The faculty participates in, for example, co-operative projects for the development of maritime education in Namibia.

Service Business

This faculty is in charge of e.g. Tourism and Business related degrees: Economy and Financing, Sales and Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Business Law, Public Administration, Management and Digital Expertise. Of the emerging fields highlighted in the SAMK strategy, Tourism Business belongs in this faculty. With regard to tourism, special focus is placed on nature tourism and the development of local tourism. Our online adult education programme leading to a Business degree and based on the HILL concept is the pride of the faculty.


The Technology faculty is in charge of a majority of the Engineering degrees that SAMK offers, as well as the Business Information Systems programme. Programmes of Electrical and Automation Engineering, Energy and Environmental Engineering, Construction and Municipal Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Information and Communication Engineering and Business Information Systems are in Finnish, and Mechatronics and Artificial Intelligence are offered in English. The faculty is also the home of RoboAI Research and Development Center (RoboAI Industry, RoboAI Green and RoboAI Health), Research Center Wander and research entity of Resource Wisdom.

Latest News

Henna Kyhä istuu keltaisella tuolilla.

Research Manager for the well-being of the working-aged

The new Research Center for Human Functioning was recently established at SAMK to focus on the well-being of Satakunta's workers and address labor supply challenges in the region. The research center is led by Henna Kyhä, Research Manager and Doctor of Philosophy (Education). Kyhä leads the new center drawing on her diverse experience and expertise in coordinating and implementing various research projects.