To Working Life

In project learning, practical training and a summer job the student learns in practice the skills needed in work and to apply the theoretical knowledge acquired through studies.

Cooperation with enterprises gives resources

Cooperation with enterprises is an asset for the universities of applied sciences. Cooperation with enterprises gives the studies a practical view.

Projects create networks

Projects originate often from a client. The students can acquire contacts with the business world and get a foot in the door.

Make the most of the study time

The student is encouraged to participate in various projects, to influence in student networks or to go abroad with international student exchange. All this tells the future employer of you being active!

Learning environments in a significant role

Student projects are a part of the learning process. They begin with real assignments and are implemented independently in a team, but still under the supervision of a professor.


The service centre of social and health care offers high-quality welfare services as student work, under the supervision of a professor.  Students of nursing, social studies and physiotherapy, as well as international exchange students, can have their practical training at Soteekki.  The students arrange versatile activities for different target groups.

SAMK Rauman Kampus opiskelijoitaApparaatti

Enterprise Accelerator offers the student real-life learning experiences, contacts with working life, plus credits.  The students get practical challenges and experiences of their future work already during the study time.  With the help of Apparaatti, it is also possible for the student to plan and accelerate one’s own enterprise activities.

SAMK Edu Travel (formerly known as SAMK Bridge)

SAMK Edu Travel is student driven incoming travel agency. The students chosen from Business Administration, Tourism and Entrepreneurship degree programmes can carry out a part of their studies by working for SAMK Edu Travel in practical duties, supervised by teachers. Besides practical learning, the students will get experience in genuine customer service situations.