Master Robot Builders

Satakunta University of Applied Sciences, Finland, is proud to host a Master Robot Builders robot competition for Vietnamese and Finnish high school students.

Master Robot Builders

Robot competition for Vietnamese and Finnish high school students. Competition is free of charge.


We recommend you to have teams of 3–5 students. Up to 300 teams can take part in the competition.

The winner is
High School for the Gifted, VNU HCM
Idea: Lost and found

The 2nd prize goes
THCS va THPT Dong Du
Idea: Intelligent Waste Management

The 3rd prize goes
Vinschool Imperia
Idea: Classroom Management

Finals of the competition

Timetable of the competition

18 February 2022 Official opening ceremony
15.00–16.15 Vietnam time, 10.00–11.15 Finnish time
Watch the recorded session

  • Dang Thi Hai Tam, Ambassador of Vietnam in Finland
  • Jari Multisilta, President of SAMK
  • Keynote speech: Future of robotics and why you should be part of it, Marcel van Geffen, Head of Teaching
  • Challenge reveal, Santeri Koivisto, Startup Geek

11 March 2022 Q&A session
13.00–14.00 Vietnam time, 8.00–9.00 Finnish time
Watch the recorded session

5–8 April 2022 Training sessions
14.00–16.00 Vietnam time, 10.00–12.00 Finnish time

5 April: Training session on how to build robots and tips for the recommended kits, Pekka Suominen, Senior Adviser
Watch the recorded session

6 April: Training session on how to run a Neural net as part of your robot software, Toni Aaltonen, Full-time Lecturer
Watch the recorded session

7 April: Presentation on studying in Finland, Johanna Kares-Koskinen and Elina Valkama, Education Export Team
Presentation (pdf)

8 April: Training session on Quality and Affordable STEM Kits, GaraStem
Watch the recorded session

20 April 2022 Registration closed. Participating teams start to work.

8 May 2022 Deadline for submissions
21.00 Vietnam time, 17.00 Finnish time

  • Submissions as video clips on functioning robots + screenshots/codebase of the program running it
  • Submissions via collaboration E-form

11 May 2022 Top 20 teams of finals announced
The final results will be sent to the leaders of the top 20 teams by e-mail on 11 May.

  • Final evaluation criteria and schedule

12 May 2022 Training session on how to present at the finals
12.00–14.00 Vietnam time, 8.00–10.00 Finnish time 

20 May 2022 Finals
14.00 Vietnam time, 10.00 Finnish time 

  • Live functioning robot + presentation on the structure and code
  • All the participants will be able to watch the presentations in the final session.

All sessions and finals will be arranged online on Zoom and recorded.

Prizes for teams:

  1. 150€
  2. 100€
  3. 50€

Master Robot Builders robot competition for high school students in Spring 2022

Opening ceremony of Master Robot Builders robot competition 18 February 2022

Q&A session of Master Robot Builders robot competition 11 March 2022

The theme of the competition

Improvement the quality of life in a classroom.

Robot sensor and part restrictions

In order to guarantee an equal playing field, there are some limitations to your robot creations.

Software side you can do what you best see fit! There are no limitations to software. We will do our best to help you to surpass your original plans.

The maximum limitations are (not necessary to use all of these):

  • Maximum three motors
  • Infrared transmitter
  • Speaker / ’horn’
  • Visible light sensor
  • Infrared sensor
  • Ultrasounds sensor
  • Camera

Structural parts are not limited. You can use a mobile phone and/or a laptop as part of your creation.

You DO NOT need to use all the components mentioned in the list. You can add LEDs and such as much as you like.

Maximum height A4-sized paper, no width limitations. The size of A4-sized paper is 210×297 mm. Please demonstrate on your submission video that your robot meets the requirement by placing A4 paper next to your robot.

Suitable kits are, for example: mBOT, Lego robots, GRobot. All kits are possible (not only those mentioned)

Please get in touch if there are any questions regarding the restrictions or rules! We keep the right to change these rules if needed.


Submission is done per a team and as video clips (max. 5 minutes) on functioning robots. You can share e.g. link to Youtube video or Dropbox. You should also include screenshots / codebase of the program running it. If possible please name the submissions according to the firstname.surname of the contact person of the team. Please notice, that all submissions need to be unprotected so that the evaluation is possible for the judges and make sure everyone with the link can view the file.

Presentation in the finals

All teams will present their robots and their structure and code in the finals. It is recommended to use English when presenting the function of the robot. You can use e.g. NAB model (need, approach, benefits) when presenting the robots.


The evaluation will be as follows: 1/3 is about the idea, 1/3 is about engineering/technical part, 1/3 is about coding.

The participation certificates per a team will be delivered by e-mail to the leader of the group in a month.

More information:

International Relations Coordinator, Education Export
Johanna Kares-Koskinen

Master Robot Builders