Students’ stories

At SAMK you can study to become an expert in business, engineering, health care, maritime management and tourism.

Sina Khabbazi, Tourism student.

Sina Khabbazi, Tourism student

Studying in SAMK UAS has been a really nice experience because of the university’s positive atmosphere as well as its international studying environment especially in my field of study which is International Tourism Management.

In addition, a well-designed curriculum, providing students with useful and interesting courses could be the other reason that makes studying in SAMK a really great experience.

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Lu Jichen Tourism student.Jichen Lu, Tourism student

I am Jichen Lu. I’m a student of SAMK, majoring in international tourism management. While I was finalizing my thesis, I was also working as an intern at an aviation IT company in Espoo. I would like to share my story with you.

How I came to Finland and studied at SAMK?

I came to study at SAMK through an international education cooperation program between China and Finland. As the Beijing government paid for my tuition fee and flights, I thought that studying in Finland would be a great opportunity for me, so I came to Finland in 2020.

My working experience in Finland

  1. My first internship was with SAMK EduTravel, and my role was Asian marketing specialist and coordinator of educational camps at that time.
  2. My second job was also in marketing. The company was Finland Holidays, which is in Rauma, Finland.
  3. Then followed my job at QOCO Systems Ltd, this job was also about marketing. QOCO has an international and flexible working environment, and as a beginner in the aviation industry, I felt really happy and lucky to work with my experienced colleagues.Lu Jichen Tourism Student.

As an international student, how to find a job in Finland?

I think it is important to have an active learning, motivated and optimistic mindset. You will learn and grow from the difficulties and eventually overcome them.

My sentiments

Be goal-oriented, never give up any hope even when being in an inferior position and use limited resources to maximize their use.