Career and recruitment services

SAMK career and recruitment services build a bridge between students and employers. We want to help students to find a job linked to their studies and also offer skilled workers for the employers.

Student counselling

You can ask for couselling from your tutor teacher but also from student counsellors when considering different study options, planning your career, encountering challenging moments in studies or life in general.


SAMK can help you to employ yourself. The Enterprise Accelerator helps you to elaborate your business ideas, manage and develop your enterprise as a natural part of your degree program.

Youth guarantee and Labor Market Services (TE-services)

Labor Market Services (TE-palvelut) offer young adults under 25 or young graduates between 25 and 29 years of age help in three months after beginning to look for a job.

With the help of the service employers in the Satakunta region find you and may offer you summer jobs, part-time jobs, and internships. is targeted at all international students in Satakunta, and for employers offering work. Service is free of charge.

Slice Wanted

Slice Wanted is a meeting point for students and labor market in Satakunta. The services are offered by different educational institutions in Satakunta, Tiitus and The services are free for all. Applications and information are published first in Tiitus, afterwards via Slice and educational institutions channels.

Traineeships in social and health care

All documents and different instructions on traineeships in social and health care. Find instructions about student health, information from institutions offering traineeships, forms related to traineeships.

Employer, report here!

Students follow these channels, where they can indicate the job available:

Slice Wanted (on the website