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In the picture students use manual control to get the mobile robot into the lift.
12.2.2021 | Wellbeing and health

Towards the Hospital of the Future

The piloting of Satasairaala (Satakunta Cenral Hospital) and SAMK testbed functions is launched by a mobile robot experiment driven by the needs of Satasairaala. The experiment includes testing the applicability of a robot in a requested, customer-specific medicine order.
Pepper robot hanging out with senior.
28.4.2020 | Wellbeing and health

Technology activates and unites – The Happy Missus sees the safe atmosphere as the most important thing

Technology makes it possible to ease and safeguard the independent living of old people as well as add meaningful content into everyday life. There are differences in adoption of technology and in digital skills, and everyone should get the support matching their needs. A positive attitude gets you far, however. That is something that Sorjo Mäkipää, 70, knows very well, and she has turned into a real messenger for technology and social robotics.
Project manager Krista Toivonen at SAMK-campus Pori RoboAI lab.
15.1.2020 | Wellbeing and health

Teachers are craving for information on technology – HyteOpe Health and Welfare Technology Education ensures up-to-date teaching

Technology can increasingly be seen in the curricula of basic and vocational education. Satakunta University of Applied Sciences (SAMK) offers teachers further training to support their professional skills as a part of STEM activities in RoboAI. HyteOpe education is financed by the National Board of Education and it started in autumn 2019.
Intorducing how to Indego exoskeleton works.
12.12.2018 | Teknologia

No more Science Fiction – Exoskeleton Robot Teaches How to Walk

Satakunta University of Applied Sciences (SAMK) Research and Development Unit has made a significant investment by purchasing a robotized Indego exoskeleton made by Parker Hannifin Corporation. Exoskeleton is widely used for example in the rehabilitation of paralyzed patients but researchers are hoping to find also alternative applications for it.
Close-up, Rami Peltosaari.
27.9.2018 | Automation and industry

Optimized functions and cost-efficiency by simulation

A new simulation environment was created for SAMK for New Dimensions for Production Automation by Simulation Environment project. The simulation environment is now available for local companies who can develop their operations by using the environment. Sinituote Oy is one of the gainers.