Katja Lempinen pöydän ääressä
20.8.2019 | Studies

More than 10,000 exams taken in EXAM examination studios

– The ten thousandth exam was taken in SAMK EXAM examination studio in mid-June, Katja Lempinen reveals. The exam is taken by a computer at a previously agreed upon time. There´s no need for a teacher to supervise the exam, and the student can take the exam at any campus.
Daniela Tanhua SAMK Kuva: Johanna Kaisjoki
15.4.2019 | Business

COLUMN: Internationality belongs to everyday life – there’s no need for contemplation

On a Wednesday in March at SAMK Rauma Campus, 2nd floor of Satamakatu: 60 students in a classroom solving a game connected to production, distribution and purchasing. Half of the students are from our French partner university Vesoul and the other half are SAMK students; there are both Logistics students from the field of Engineering and International Business students from the field of Business Administration.
SAMK yrityskiihdyttämön 2018 palkitut Helene Kynäsniemi ja Jaakko Soukainen. Kuva Laura Telin
17.12.2018 | Entrepreneurship

This year’s accelerator entrepreneur and the 300th accelerator enterprise were awarded at SAMK’s entrepreneurial day

SAMK’s enterprise accelerator awarded enterprise accelerator enterprises at its entrepreneurial day. The enterprise accelerator enterprise of the year 2018 is Helene Kynäsniemi’s Kotihoito (Home Care) Otso Oy. Earlier this year, also the limit of 300 accelerator enterprises was broken. The 300th accelerator enterprise is Jaakko Soukainen’s ProSecure Vartiointipalvelut (Security Services) Oy.