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Maapallo / The globe
11.5.2021 | SAMK

Information for incoming exchange and international degree students

This far Finland has managed to keep the COVID-19 outbreak under control due to good following of the safety instructions. SAMK trusts that each student is responsible for keeping our cities’ pandemic situation as calm as it currently is. Remember to follow the simple instructions about entering the campuses only when completely healthy, keeping the 2 metres distance to others, wearing a mask, and remembering to wash your hands.
Timo Mattila opetuksen vararehtori SAMK.
19.2.2021 | Studies

SAMK graduates’ employment rate is high

Universities of Applied Sciences follow their graduates five years after they have got their degree. The aim of the survey is to find out how they have been integrated into the job market and how happy they are with their degree.
Marko Löytökorpi driving maritime simulator.
23.12.2020 | Studies

Maritime education is going through radical change

Maritime education is based largely on outdated theoretical knowledge, but on the other hand, simulators are also being utilised more than before. Simulators bring us one step closer to intelligent shipping according to Maritime Senior Lecturer Marko Löytökorpi.
15.12.2020 | Studies

The first step towards a new competence cluster

Artificial intelligence has been democratized and the need for it has exploded. So has the shortage of competent AI professionals in companies - those who can apply, innovate and solve problems with artificial intelligence. The AI education started this autumn at Satakunta University of Applied Sciences (SAMK) aims at educating professionals to meet this particular need.