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Kaksi polkupyörää parkissa SAMKin kampuksen edustalla Porissa
8.12.2017 | Energy

E-bike share and Winter Cycling create environmental value

The idea of electric bike share started at SAMK Smart Sustainable Cities course where Madara Kupce and her fellow student Ville had this idea of bike sharing. There has been lot of media attention to electric cars, but they believed that electric bikes should not be forgotten. 
Kaksi naista istuu nojatuoleissa SAMKin kampuksella Porissa
28.9.2017 | Energy

SAMK has become a climate partner of the city of Pori

The contract for climate partnership was signed by SAMK and the city of Pori in the inauguration party of the campus in Pori on 8 September. Climate partnership is a contract between a municipality and an organization which aims at reducing greenhouse gas emissions and controlling climate change.
Intia herätti Juhani Kanervassa uinuneen ympäristöinsinöörin. Nyt Kanervan yritys suunnittelee ja toteuttaa aurinkovoimaloita ympäri maailmaa.
4.1.2017 | Energy

“Solar energy is an opportunity for us engineers”

"Solar energy is the original source of all the energy we have here in globe", says Juhani Kanerva, CEO of ENE Solar Systems Ltd. and our alumnus. He says that there is a possibility to optimize solar energy solutions further and further, "and even beyond that". Take a look at the short video.