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SAMK Agora taidekuva Mattila Linda Borromean
4.7.2017 | Arts

Monthly image: Borromean by Linda Mattila

“For me art is above all a state of honesty, where I can ponder and question things and encounter them before they take a verbal form. My works are always raw and revealing to me and I connect emotional experiences with sense and pondering about this connection” Linda Mattila describes.
Kuukauden kuva Hanna Joronen Hanen ylhaisyytensa
19.10.2016 | Arts

Monthly image: His highness by Hanna Joronen

Hanna Joronens His highness is the monthly image of October. "I don’t usually open my work thoroughly, because I think people should create their own interpretations. I like to listen to their different ideas about my work", writes Joronen.
Kuukauden kuva Henri Ijas The Frying Pan
19.10.2016 | Arts

Monthly image: The frying pan by Henri Ijäs

"Intimate and social levels are mixed in my works. It is imperative that the works make people think and create a space for experiencing something different.", writes Henri Ijäs in the series of Montly image.