20.10.2017 | Arts

Monthly image: A Portrait of a Mountain by Julia Kukkonen

Kukkonen’s work, A Portrait of a Mountain, was completed during her residence in Portugal and it is closely connected with the place, where it was made. The text below gives more details of the work and about Kukkonen as an artist.
SAMK IlonaTala Mesikämmen Teoskuva KM by Ilona Tala
18.10.2017 | Arts

Monthly image Ilona Tala: A Bear

Ilona Tala is hooked on metal and sculpturing. A bear is the king of the Finnish forests and she chose it to celebrate Finland’s 100 years of independence, because the bear is an important and mystical animal for the Finnish people.
Kiima LauraPietilainen SAMKkuvataide
11.10.2017 | Arts

Image of the month: Lust by Laura Pietiläinen

The abstract, fleshy masses in Laura Pietiläinen’s works describe all churning emotions and leave room for interpretations. The fascinating work of this feature is shown in the first exhibition of SAMK’s new campus in Pori in autumn 2017.
SAMK Agora taidekuva Mattila Linda Borromean
4.7.2017 | Arts

Monthly image: Borromean by Linda Mattila

“For me art is above all a state of honesty, where I can ponder and question things and encounter them before they take a verbal form. My works are always raw and revealing to me and I connect emotional experiences with sense and pondering about this connection” Linda Mattila describes.
Kuukauden kuva Hanna Joronen Hanen ylhaisyytensa
19.10.2016 | Arts

Monthly image: His highness by Hanna Joronen

Hanna Joronens His highness is the monthly image of October. "I don’t usually open my work thoroughly, because I think people should create their own interpretations. I like to listen to their different ideas about my work", writes Joronen.
Kuukauden kuva Henri Ijas The Frying Pan
19.10.2016 | Arts

Monthly image: The frying pan by Henri Ijäs

"Intimate and social levels are mixed in my works. It is imperative that the works make people think and create a space for experiencing something different.", writes Henri Ijäs in the series of Montly image.