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Paljon yksityiskohtia sisaltava taideteos
20.12.2019 | Arts

Monthly image: Dear God, I promise I won´t invite anyone else by Jenni Välikangas

By using my illustrative style, I portray and process the entities of my personal world through fictional creatures and events. Earlier I was afraid of my method being somehow lousy but carrying out my thesis made me understand that it is, to say the least, interesting. You can return to the work of art again, and find something that you didn´t see the first time, writes Jenni Välikangas, who graduated from SAMK with a Bachelor´s degree in Culture and Arts in summer 2019.
Veistos alaston nainen ja taustalla maalaus, osa
21.11.2019 | Arts

Monthly image: Vulvatar by Marja Hautamäki

– I´m an experimenter as an artist, and all kinds of new ways of making art interest me. Even though I´m mainly a sculptress, I don´t want to create too strict limits for my art. I move smoothly from sculpture to painting, which can give me an idea for video art etc, writes Merja Hautamäki.
4 kohti tulevaa hirveä, musta-valkoinen
23.10.2019 | Arts

Monthly image: Against four winds by Laura Solkio

– Besides giving vent to my thoughts, I resurrect my own inner world with art and describe things I simply find fascinating and beautiful. I’m influenced, for example, by nature, mythologies and supernaturalism, and I favour earthy dark colours, Laura Solkio writes.
Teosta laajasti esittelevä otos,, sekä veistoksia että maalauksia näkyy
21.10.2019 | Arts

Monthly image: Self-portrait – in my own world by Markus Vaattovaara

– My way of working is expressive, in between abstract and performing art. When I start a new piece of work, I use a pen to create a kind of form, from which I begin to build a whole. My motives concern mainly people and their appearances. I follow their gestures and behaviours in different situations, Markus Vaattovaara writes.
Kuukauden kuva Ottilia Roos Identiteetti grafiikanvedos
12.8.2019 | Arts

Monthly image: Identity by Ottilia Roos

– I am interested in graphic arts because of their technicality and versatility. The boundless opportunities of the art form keep on amazing me. I don’t mind feeling like a little scientist when playing with the different techniques of graphic arts. At the moment I am enjoying picturing topics related to medicine, writes Ottilia Roos, who graduated as a visual artist from SAMK in June 2019.
Kuukauden kuvassa Jukka Nokua: Osa Magnados-sarjaa
6.6.2019 | Arts

Monthly image: A part of series Magnados by Jukka Nokua

My works of art are abstract paintings and their idea is to express nothing. Painting nothingness often raises the question that if I paint nothingness why not leave the entire painting empty, writes Jukka Nokua, who graduated from SAMK with a Bachelor´s degree in Culture and Arts in summer 2018.