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Every year SAMK hosts an international event.

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Upcoming International Events

Science Meets Regions conference in SAMK Pori.

International Staff Week 2021

SAMK’s next international staff week takes place 13 - 17 December 2021. The week will cover topics around virtual learning. Stay tuned for more information!

Practical Information

SAMKin työntekijöitä kävelemässä käytävällä.

Videos from SAMK and Pori

Past International Events

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SAMK-kampus Rauma Merimäki veden takana
| Seafaring

High-level maritime meeting to be held in Rauma

A high-level maritime meeting is to be held in Rauma at the end of October, when an expert group attached to the European Commission will gather at SAMK’s Rauma campus.
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| Tourism business

The question of the day: can tourism save the world?

Tourism is a hot topic. Can I travel anywhere “because I can”? Could I consider what the criteria are for choosing my travel destination, accommodation and purchases? Could travel enthusiasts make choices where they don´t feel they are giving up anything but instead gaining more? What kind of choices can tour operators make – and how about tourism service producers?