Other environmental operation

As an education and research environment, we have the facilities to develop our operation in accordance with the climate commitment and goals.

Environment work group

The environment work group follows, reports and informs about environmental work conducted at SAMK.

SAMK has signed environmental policy of its own and has joined the City of Pori as a climate partner.

The work group is responsible for maintaining the principles of climate partnership and for continuous improving of functioning to comply with the environmental policy.

Environment work group is based in Pori Campus. The work group is run by students and the members include students as well as personnel from various fields. Four student members are selected to the group for one academic year at a time. Student members will be granted 5–10 credits for their work.

The practical work includes e.g. measuring the energy and water consumption and the amount of waste in the campus as well as reporting. The work group plans annually two assignments regarding environmental work. Besides, an annual report is drawn up together with goals for the following year.

Please contact environment work group: ymparistotyoryhma(a)samk.fi

Photovoltaic systems

On the roof of the SAMK Campus Pori there are various photovoltaic systems with a total power of ca 30 kW.  With the produced energy, an annual total energy need of a 450-square metre detached house could be covered.  The systems are used for both education and research.

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EBike - electric bikes

The AIKO project, a system of electric city-bikes using solar energy, funded by the Regional Council of Satakunta, SAMK and the Town of Pori.  The pilot project will be built in the SAMK Campus Pori.

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Electric cars

At the Pori and Rauma campuses, SAMK’s personnel has electric cars available for commuting and for private renting.

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Other projects

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