Climate partnership

To pay attention to climate and environmental issues is more and more important in the organizational operation.  SAMK has committed itself to a climate partner of the Town of Pori.

The climate commitment between Satakunta University of Applied Sciences and the Town of Pori was signed on 8 September 2017.

The commitment binds the organizations to climate partnership, which tries to achieve reduction of greenhouse emissions and control of climate change.

The concept of climate partnership was developed during 2015-2017 in the project Satahima – towards carbon-neutral Satakunta by the environmental office of the Town of Pori.  The climate partnership operation has been continued in the project ILSA – climate-wise Satakunta.


In the commitment we have agreed on the climate goals with the Town of Pori.  The climate goal we have defined can be seen in our operation and they are documented at SAMK's Environmental Policy.

In the same building with SAMK Campus Pori there are Restaurant Juvenes Skene and Café Agora, K-Supermarket Kampus and the Campus chemist’s/pharmacy, which are all climate partners of the Town of Pori.