Strategy and management

Our strategy contains our objectives. Our strategy guides all our operations. #SAMK2022


SAMK profiles itself as an industrial institution of higher education. SAMK emphasizes renewal, export competence and the functional capacity of employees. 

Organization and management

The Board of Directors has the highest authority at SAMK. Basic functions are organised by faculty.


Quality is evident in our daily operations. We have compiled our corporate governance guidelines in our Quality Manual.

Latest News

Purjeveneiden mastoja pienvenesatamassa. / Sailboat masts in a seaside port.
| Tourism business

Joint European curriculum for coastal and maritime tourism fills the skills gap in the sector

The beauty, cultural richness and diversity of the European Union’s coastal areas have made them a preferred destination for many holidaymakers in Europe and abroad. In fact, coastal and maritime locations are the biggest attractive factor in European tourism. Coastal and maritime tourism is also the biggest maritime sector in the EU in terms of the Gross Value Added (GVA) and employment.