SAMK as an employer

SAMK is a creator of experts, a developer, a propeller of internationalisation and a promoter of entrepreneurship.  Competent and well staff members are crucial to SAMK's operational excellence, profitability and development.



Satakunta University of Applied Sciences (SAMK) in Pori, Finland, is recruiting a visiting lecturer / researcher in tourism

SAMK is an international, multi-disciplinary institute of higher education with over 6 000 students and 400 employees. SAMK has four campuses on the west coast of Finland with faculties of health and welfare, logistics and maritime technology, service business and technology.

Tourism research and education in SAMK focuses on developing business competence, networks and services in tourism industry. The tourism business research group in SAMK supports the growth and competitiveness of tourism destinations and enterprises. It has well recognized experience in joint projects with local, national and international partners. Further information on research group is available at

With the aim of promoting internationalization, specialization and quality of teaching, as well as the research conducted by the tourism research group, SAMK is recruiting a visiting lecturer in tourism, from the teaching or research staff of universities of applied sciences, preferably of foreign origin.

As a starting point for a long-term co-operation, the Faculty of Service Business is now looking for a visiting lecturer with expertise in tourism business and tourism development. The academic tasks will consist of both teaching and research activities as well as curriculum development in master level. In autumn 2019, our focus will be in tourism product development, use of natural resources and coastal and maritime tourism. Emerging topics include destination marketing and management. Candidates with experience in Erasmus funding instruments and applications as well as joint research and publication interests will be the top priority.

The contract offered covers a period of app. 3 months from late August or early September 2019 onwards. Duration and number of hours is negotiable in order to find a solution that serves both parties.


The applicants should hold an employee status in another university or university of applied science, preferably of foreign origin. All queries regarding the application procedure should be directed to Team Leader, Ms. Heini Korvenkangas, (

Application form

The applicant must submit the following documents (in English):

-        cover letter (application) including salary request and proposal regarding practical arrangements

-        a CV with educational background, teaching and research experience

o   list of publications (with the most significant publications highlighted)

o   a description of past research  and plans for future research

o   experience in project planning, implementation and coordination

o   teaching portfolio

o   names and contact details for three references


Applicants, who meet the criteria, will be invited for an online interview. The vacancy will remain open until filled. More information on SAMK is available at



SAMK's profile is based on the needs of the region

SAMK is one of 26 universities of applied sciences. SAMK's profile is to invest in education that supports the industrial renewal as well as research, development and innovation operations.

The various trades and sectors in Satakunta require SAMK to engage in extensive education and research activities in technology and business as well as in social and health issues.

Expertise is valued, maintained and developed

Expertise is developed systematically and for the long term based on strategic choices. 

Our indicator of a well and competent university community is that the values on the indices depicting the staff's expertise and wellbeing at work are higher than on average in expert organisations.  

Strategies are implemented through annual action plans and operations.

The focal points of staff development are

• solidifying digital teachership (the development program is open to all staff members)
• ensuring competence in areas of expertise and emerging sectors
• development of international and language skills
• development of management and leadership as well as provision of peer support.

Ensuring wellbeing at work is important to us

A company culture that works well and supports success promotes well-being at work.

SAMK uusi kampus ja opiskelijat

We focus on the strengthening of the following characteristics of our company culture as we work to promote well-being at work:

  1. culture that appreciates expertise
  2. culture of direct and equal intervention
  3. culture of open interaction and trust
  4. culture of enthusiasm and renewal
  5. culture that courageously focuses on essential issues.