The basis for the operations and continuous development of SAMK

Each of our students will be employed because our degree programmes have been profiled to comply with the needs of the region and cooperation with the working life is comprehensive.

It is essential for the operations of SAMK to

  • provide competent workforce needed by the region and adjacent areas by making education and education volume selection based on economic structure, labour needs and competence needs analyses that predict the development of the region
  • renew competences in the region and adjacent areas by transferring new competences to working life as well as supporting the lifelong learning of the population in the region
  • act as a regional uniting force for cooperation with working life by running innovation environments, development and competence networks and competence clusters
  • internationalize the region and adjacent areas and promote entrepreneurship
  • develop own competence especially in focus and emerging sectors.

Quality policy of SAMK

  • Operations are customer-oriented.
  • In operations, high quality and continuous development are consciously strived for.
  • Maintaining high quality is the responsibility of everyone in the personnel.
  • Strategic management and development of operations are based on continuous evaluation.
  • Quality system is maintained to support the high-level management of basic functions.

Quality objectives

Quality objectives of guidance processes

  • SAMK has a clear, challenging vision and understandable strategic goals and action plans that guide the operations.
  • Personnel can recognize their own work as a part of the operations of the whole SAMK and job satisfaction remains good.
  • Evaluating one´s own activities and utilizing and processing the received evaluation data with the personnel is a natural and accepted part of operations at all levels of SAMK.
  • The set objectives and the obligations of operations are consistent with the allocated resources.

Quality objectives of education

  • The quality of tuition has been discovered to be high-class.
  • The competence of the graduates is up-to-date and valued by working life.
  • Students graduate in target time (regular completion)
  • Education is attractive.
  • Students participate in the development of education.

Quality objectives of RDI activities

  • Research projects arise from the needs of working life.
  • Results from research projects can quickly be transferred to be utilized by working life.
  • Increasing the competence of own personnel that is transferred by tuition to students and further to working life.
  • Research and development activities have a strong connection to tuition.

Quality objectives of service processes

  • Service processes enable smooth studies, education and research and development activities
  • Students appreciate learning environments.