High-quality tuition and excellent employment

Each of our students will be employed, because our education is profiled in accordance with regional needs, and collaboration with the working life is extensive.

Best quality in tuition

All graduates give annually their opinion on the quality of the tuition (OKM AVOP enquiry). During the years 2005–2020 SAMK has always been among the six best ones. Number one SAMK has been six times, the latest one 2020.

Best employment

SAMK is number 1. when talking about the graduates’ employment among universities of applied sciences outside the metropole area (Employment statistics by Statistics Finland).

Satisfied employers

According to a large employer survey by SAMK more than 95% of the employers are satisfied with the graduates’ competence.

Extensive company collaboration

According to a national survey by the Federation of Finnish Enterprises the entrepreneurs in Satakunta region have the largest experience in student collaboration and they see Satakunta University of Applied Sciences increase the appeal of the region

SAMK’s influence at an annual level

  • Degree students 6000, open UAS students 1900
  • Satakunta region employs ca 75% of the graduated
  • Impact of theses and practices on Satakunta region ca 450 person-years
  • Foreign students in the region 300 on average (over 60 nationalities)
  • Continuing education involves 1200 people from Satakunta region
  • Companies and communities in collaboration with SAMK over 500
  • Enterprise Accelerator has more than 100 student entrepreneurs and future entrepreneurs
  • SAMK is applying for national and international funding for the region (over 4 million euros)

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Students with lecturer at the SAMK-campus Rauma.

SAMK ranked number one in the quality of teaching in Finland

Graduate students have evaluated the quality of teaching at SAMK as the best of all the universities of applied sciences in Finland. The fact is revealed by the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture AVOP survey (University of applied sciences graduand feedback questionnaire), where graduating students are requested to evaluate and provide feedback on their education.
SAMKin Industrial Management -opiskelija Vaklin Angelov.
| Logistics

Students will be employed: Becoming an engineer through online studying – Challenging but very educating

In the autumn 2017 Bulgarian Vaklin Angelov started studying at SAMK in the English language Industrial Management engineering program. – The studies have met with my expectations. Various contact and feedback systems work well, which is important, because the studying is mainly online using different electronic systems.