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Tulosta sivu

Enterprise Accelerator - Centre of Excellence in Education

The Enterprise Accelerator operates within all degree programs at SAMK. It helps students become entrepreneurs before their graduation. During its ten years of operation the Enterprise Accelerator has created over 150 enterprises and over 200 new entrepreneurs so far. The Enterprise Accelerator helps students who have a business idea or an operating company. They will also be assisted in enterprise succession or in the acquisition of an enterprise. A cooperation agreement and an individual study plan in entrepreneurship will be prepared for each student in the Enterprise Accelerator.

The student will be supported by a mentor network. An expert mentor will encourage and advise the student entrepreneur. The student can obtain as many as 60 ECTS credits for completed studies related to the setting up and development of his or her own enterprise.

The Enterprise Accelerator provides a unique opportunity for combining studying and entrepreneurship. Currently, the accelerator creates at least one enterprise each month.


The Ministry of Education designated the Enterprise Accelerator at Satakunta University of Applied Sciences a Centre of Excellence in Education in 2005–2006. This award was earned through hard work and made the entire university known as a good place to study.

The evaluation of excellence in education aims to keep the level of education at universities of applied sciences high and to encourage them to long-term development work. According to the grounds given for the designation, the Enterprise Accelerator pursues constructive and persistent activities. Further-more, it has deepened and developed its innovative approach in the long term.

The Enterprise Accelerator is excellently integrated into the university’s overall task by promoting entrepreneurship within the university’s catchment area in a concrete manner. In particular, it should be accredited with the successful creation of new, sustainable business operations as one of the few promoters of entrepreneurship.


The Enterprise Accelerator is constantly looking for new international partners. We want to further develop our approach to student entrepreneurship. Our goal is to start new knowledge-intensive enterprises based on higher education and networking, and to help them to grow regionally, nationally and internationally. In these efforts we need great partners on all levels. The results and processes of the Enterprise Accelerator have been successfully demonstrated in numerous seminars and science conferences in Finland and abroad. If you are interested in facing these challenges with us, get in touch.

Updated: 04.09.2014