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13.1.2017 | SAMK

Studying in English prepares you for international tasks

Many areas in the employment market are very international, e.g. seafaring. All the fields are becoming more and more international. Studying in English in a high quality educational institution prepares you well for international tasks.
16.12.2016 | SAMK

Season’s Greetings!

We have donated this year’s Christmas card and Christmas gift budget to Save the Children Finland’s Christmas appeal.
15.12.2016 | SAMK

Making of ”SAMK experience” video

A group of four students produced a video ”SAMK experience” – what kind of things students are doing during their studies at SAMK. The video was produced as a part of course Video online (5 credits). Video includes the climpses of SAMK´s laboratories, maritime simulator and events, such as International Cafe and Open SAMK.
Tässä kuvassa tutkitaan
4.11.2016 | SAMK

SAMK – an industrial university of applied sciences

Companies, public sector and SAMK have a common will and understanding to focus on industrial renewal. Industrial companies in the region have faith in the future. The number of ongoing and starting investments in Satakunta is more than one billion euros. SAMK’s choice was to adopt the profile of an industrial university which is clearly different compared to other universities in Finland.
Anne Pohjus
4.11.2016 | SAMK

Degree reformation: Comprehensive competences and solid professionalism

Degree reformation at SAMK is nearly finished. Students who start their studies in autumn 2017 will have new curricula. In the new degrees students’ and employers’ needs and desires will steer the content and structure of the degrees to a greater extent than earlier. We cannot predict future needs and therefore the degrees have to be flexible.
Opiskelijat kirjaston sohvalla kuva Katri Vakiparta
24.10.2016 | SAMK

SAMK students are satisfied with their study community

The results of the 2016 Student Survey show that SAMK students are very satisfied with the function of the student community. The students are also well aware of the goals of their studies and the studies were experienced as appropriately challenging.