Agora hall

The new SAMK campus that will be completed in summer 2017 is in the centre of Pori. It is an impressive and versatile location for many types of events.

An impressive stage of endless possibilities

The Agora hall is the largest single conference space in Pori and the nearby areas. The hall can seat 500-1300 persons depending on e.g. seating arrangements.

Located in the middle of the campus, the Agora hall can host both international conferences and national seminars. The hall and its surroundings offer an inspiring and functional location for e.g. general meetings, anniversary banquets or gala dinners .

Accessibility has been considered in the design of the entire campus and the hall, which is on street level. Thanks to even floors, accessibility is not an issue and moving around is easy.

Agora hall brochure (FI, pdf)

Modern technology and live broadcasting

Modern conference technology and a high-quality sound system guarantee both functionality and excellence. Live online streaming and multi-camera productions make it possible to participate in events from anywhere in the world.

The hall's lighting and AV systems make it easy to create the desired atmosphere. The stage can be planned and modified according to the nature of the event and the users' wishes.

The campus offers a modern 1 gigabyte (1,000 Mbit/s) wired and wireless network.

If a smaller space is needed or the nature of the event requires multiple spaces, the Agora hall can be divided into three sections – each of which have their own sound and presentation systems. In addition to the main hall, we have conference and work spaces for smaller groups (28 different spaces in total).


Good food and auxiliary services complete your event

It is easy to add tailored auxiliary services to your events – from restaurant and wellbeing services to teaching spaces, research labs or exhibition spaces. The stage and dance floor can be planned and modified according to the nature of the event and the users' wishes. Our event hosts and hostesses can serve you in 10+ languages.

Pori's hotels and many other services are only a short walk away.


Agora hall sales

Prices depend on what spaces, services, technology and personnel you need.

The Agora hall is available from summer 2017 onwards and can already be reserved. Enquiries:  +358 2 623 4800

Contact us and we'll help you create an unforgettable and affordable event.



Agora hall

  • size: 38m x 22m
  • seminar: 1300 persons
  • gala: 500 persons

Equipment: e.g.

  •  modifiable stage solutions
  • video projectors, motorized screen
  • high-quality sound system and lighting, spot lights
  • wireless microphones, headsets
  • wireless internet
  • restaurant services

Other facilities

  • 16 meeting spaces and 12 group work spaces (6–60 persons)
  • several spaces over 100m² that can be modified

Table layout example (pdf)

Havainnekuva Kampus Pori Kuva: Citycon

An architect office sketch of the new Campus area in Pori.

Easy to reach using public transport

The campus is easy to reach using either your own car or public transport. It is located right next to the travel centre (railway station and bus station). The airport is also only a short distance away from the campus (distance by car 3 km, by foot less than 2 km).