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Tulosta sivu

The SoleOPS-online list of the courses for the Academic Year 2016-2017

The SoleOPS contains the courses offered in English for the incoming exchange students. 

As an exchange student you can construct your own programme according to your needs and wishes and combine studies from various campuses and faculties of SAMK. Note, however, that:

  • you are advised to take courses primarily from the faculty that you are applying to
  • SAMK has campuses in several cities and you should choose courses only from one city.
  • courses will be realised only if certain amount of students have enrolled
  • students will be taken into courses in the enrollment order (in the beginning of the semester). There is limited number of places in the courses. 
  • Some courses have prerequisites. For example, you might need to have previous studies in the field of the course.

The exchange students are expected to arrive at the beginning of the semester. If student arrives late (over 5 days), he/she could be denied the attendance to the courses.
The Academic Year at SAMK is divided into five periods, each lasts approximately 8 weeks. However the last period is reserved for work placements, meaning that there is normally no tuition during the fifth period.
Please, check from the international contact person of your faculty when the courses begin.

The periods during the academic year 2016-2017 are on following dates: 

Autumn Term:

  • 29.8.2016-22.12.2016

Spring Term:

  • 2.1.2017-16.6.2017

Summer Term:

  • 19.6.2017-25.8.2017


Courses and descriptions can be found from SoleOPS.

Please notice that normal workload is approx. 30 ECTS / study semester. If you have any questions concerning the courses, please contact International Secretaries. SoleOPS user quide.


Updated: 17.03.2016